Mrs A. P. Money

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MRS Amy Priscilla Money, of Lime Tree Close, Fulbeck, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 79.

The daughter of Henry and Annie Ablewhite, she was born in Dunsby Fen, Bourne.

She was the wife of Ian (Able) Money, mother of Pamela, Stefan, Christopher, Cathryn and David and grandma to Philip, Aaron, Kieran, Charlene, Sophie, Mark, Ashley, Aiden and Elisia.

Mrs Money worked from the age of 14 to 67. She was employed at Manthorpe Road Fish and Chip Shop for 28 years. In 53 years of employment she only took two days off sick.

She enjoyed watching sport, including rugby, wrestling, snooker, tennis, darts and crown green bowling. She loved to play netball, rounders, volleyball and cards, especially whist, crash, gin-rummy and cribbage.

For many years she liked to spend time knitting, gardening and sun-bathing.

Canon Brian Lucas conducted the funeral service at St Nicholas Church, Fulbeck. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Mourners included: Ian Money, Conny Money, Stef Money, Jan and Pete Marshall, Martin Earl, Nigel Lindfield, Alan Holderness, Jo King, David Money, Debbie Money, Elisia Money, Peter and Collette Hughes, Karin Wilgoose, Gwen Kitchen, Peter Prince, Steven Prince, Nigel Collier, Jonny Neale, John Prendeville, Mr E. Crow, Mr E. S. Crow, Mrs Lucas, Clive and Molly Lunn, Mr and Mrs Miller, Ann Gibson, Vic and Dorothy Gunnett, Sue Gunnett, Daniel Tindall, Mr and Mrs Fisher, Janet Avison, Brian Fisher, Stewart and Jeanette Day, Mr and Mrs Peters, Janet Hoddell, Pam Harrison, Bernard Allen, Mr and Mrs Marston, Terry Baines, David Nelson, Rosie Sandy, Mr Gee, Joe Lyon, Paul Carter, Debbie Knowles, Deanna Hammond, Sue Dix, Brian Colson, Tim and Sue Redmile, Mr and Mrs Claydon, Lee Claydon, Jodie Harrison, Graham and Ginny Hutton, Bill Davis, Julie Davis and Pamela Davis, Stuart and Sue Birkett, June Ross, Roy Matthews, Pamela Weston, Jenny Whyman, Stephanie and Jim Nealy, Patricia Cullinan, Mr and Mrs Gosling, Mr and Mrs Tebb, Mike and Shirley Hardy, Viv and Joan Harrison, Peter and Margaret Wilson, Joan Clark, Ivan Clark, Muriel Ablewhite, Bill Clark, Roger Walpole, Audrey and John Graham, Steven and Michele Hutton, Jason Blakey, Rita Hodgkinson, Linda Marshall, Bill Homer, Brian and Christine Stimpson, Vivian and Peter Jordan, Brian Oswin, L. Rowland, Colin Littlewood, Mrs Blackshaw, Sheila Bisset, Mr and Mrs Sentance, Jean Baxter, Mr and Mrs Rutt, Doreen Taylor, Iris Gerard, Kate and Tony Collingwood, Mr and Mrs Pollard, Mr and Mrs Clapton, Philip Davis, Kim Pawley, Mr and Mrs Blakey, Irene Homer, Michelle and Simon Cresdee, Graham Smith, Margaret Shill, Pauline Cooper, Kevin Lyon, Fred and Beryl Birkett, Cathryn Money, Simon Goodenough, Rita Lyon, Charlene Dixon, Steve Fitzgerald, Tim Crosby, Rob Hopkinson, Aaron, Ashley and Aiden Clausnitzer, Julia Allen, Eileen and Brian Allen, Charlene Money, Mark Money, Janet and Roy Jex, Mike Sinnat, Mike Gilman, Brenda Gilman, Paul and Jane Jackson, Jim and Maureen Allen, Mickey McNulty, Mike Prince, Paula Almond, Jean Epton, Clare Gasson, Peter Eldred, Duncan Pellet, Olive Ablewhite, Chris, Tracey, Kieran and Sophie Money, Ken, Jennifer, Troy, Tracy and Dean McDonald, Jim Young and Donna Coles.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland Funeral Directors, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Macmillan Nurses, the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and St Barnabas Hospice.