Mrs A. Wallace

Obit - Wallace.
Obit - Wallace.
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MRS Ann Wallace, of Belton Lane, Grantham, has died. She was 65.

Born in Humby Hall, Great Humby, near Grantham, she was the daughter of Mally and Edie Robinson and sister to Joyce and Cliff.

Wife of the late Pete Wallace, she was mum to Simon and Andrew and nan to Jasmin. She also leaves her partner, John Brummitt.

Her career began at the age of 16 when she started work at Aveling Barford. She then worked for several companies, including Bailey and Ambler, Grantham Hospital, BMARC, Boots in Nottingham, and finally for Grantham Mencap.

Mrs Wallace enjoyed her retirement and spent her time on holidays, days out and socialising.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Andrew Wallace, Simon Wallace, Joyce Steptoe, Caroline Steptoe, Mike Flanagan, Melony Naylor, Cliff Robinson, Ann Robinson, Myra Butters, Dennis Butters and Donna Race.

Other mourners included: John and Jenny Twycross, Hilary Twycross, Janice and Doris Brummitt, Steve Buck, Carly and James McKeown, Steve and Karen John, Gary and Sue Shepherd, Tom Atter, Zoe Welch, Jamie Stanton, Warren Selby, Mollie Selby, Alison Butters, Gill and Bob Currie, Joyce Harrison, Keith Corby, Gwen and Ken Louth, Helen and John Cox, Mrs Mason, Mrs Parkinson, Jenny Brown, Robert and Rita Eley, Rachael Webster, John and Ann Johnson, Mr and Mrs Scoffield, Dick Pridding, Lisa Nicholson, Joy and Andrew Kitchen, Denhys and Pauline Lambley, Mr and Mrs Mayfield, Mr and Mrs R. Wooley, Sandra Brandon, Ralph and Sylvia Sharpe, Mrs Greaseley, Jon Lancaster, Sandra McKeown, Stuart Wilson, Susan Green, Elspeth Garbett, Reva Robinson, June and Paddy Rigby, Dave and Carol Foster, Tom and Jennifer Proctor, Stuart and Sandra Carder-Holland, Sue and Colin Jackson, Mary Down, June Hawkridge, Rod and Lynne Constantine, Susan Bunting, Paul and Denise Bass, Chris Wood, Liz Kendall, Mandy Weatherstone, Carl Hanson, Ted and Sheila Langdon, Peggy Storer, Peter Flood, Brian Snell, Lisa Gibson, Keith Cunnington, Roy and Christine Childs, Mr and Mrs Stafford, Mr and Mrs F. Epton, Anne and Geoffrey Trueman, Keith and Jenny Lound, Jane Cantrall, John and Angela Clarke, Joan Thomas, Thomas and Lucy Lee, Jean and Ron Selby, Paul and Vickie Jones, Jean and Paul Newcombe, Brian and Kerry Spurling, Martin Whittaker, Susan Asher, Lara Steptoe, Trevor and Jude Maples, Joyce Chambers, Betty and Sid North, Paula Hare, Laurence Casey, Pauline Brazil, Jake Steptoe, Karen Steptoe, Charlotte Steptoe, Mr and Mrs Clarke, John Hickman, Stella Hickman, Karen Gray, Mark Singleton, Annise Whittley, Colin and Glyn Moore, Beth and Ed Stanton, Mr and Mrs Brummitt, Leah Brummitt, Clive and Jessie Wand, Sharon Baxter, David Louth, Mr A. Hudson, Janet Saunders, Lesley Booth, Mrs V. Clarke, Shirley Blomeley, Nigel Curtis, Nicola Gilbert, Mark Gilbert, Joan Hales, Lee Fardell, Roger Buhryn, Margaret McInnes, Debbie Manning, Judith Burnett, Andrew Musson, John Musson, Rosemary and David Musson, Carolyn Ashwin, Mary English, Beryl Allen, Hazel and John Finnigan, Jackie Cameron, Hilary Grummitt, Annette, Chris, Emma and Martin Le-Hair, Jackie Flack, John and Margaret Beecham, Judy Percival, David and Chris Chambers, Charlotte and Chris Smith, Alan Fursdon, Lisa Downs, Lorraine Tweedy, Sue Brookes, Margaret Crow, Gill Casey, Hannah Casey, Thomas Casey, Stewart and Beverley Rolfe, Mr and Mrs Stanton, Mr and Mrs Moore, Alan Pick, Karen Boyle, Amanda Boyle, Peter and Tracey Butters, Sarah Butters, Emma Butters, Michael Butters, Faith and Sam Storey, Jean Newcombe, Mr and Mrs Hardy, Robyn Wilding, Abigail Hardy, Grace Hardy, Donald and Julie Hornsley, Chris Steptoe, Judy Nix, Kerry Douse, Brian Church, Kath Johnson, Mary Kirk, Pip and Yvonne Gibbins, Glen and Ken Hick, Terry Steptoe, Carol Steptoe, Graham and Linda Harrison, Claire Wallace, Edward Radig Pimlott, Kevin Lyon, June Nobell, Sue Larkin, Chris Nix, Lynn and Terry Dixon, Terry and Glenis Fytche, John Heslop, John and Pauline Stukins, Colin Chapman, Neil and Kate Butters, Emma and Craig Drury, Rachel, Ben and Alice Betts, Linda, Craig and Liam Probert, Lynne Pashley, Mala Patel, Carina Wood, D. Fardell and Janet Babinger.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Grantham Mencap.