Mrs B. E. Hutchinson MBE

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MRS Beryl Elsie Hutchinson, of Steeple Leas, Grantham, has died in St Edmunds Care Home, Worcester Road, Grantham. She was 78 years.

She was born in 1934, in Dairy Drove, Thorney Fen, near Peterborough, to Albert and Elsie Johnson. Her father worked with horses and they lived in a tied cottage, belonging to the farm. She had a brother, Cyril.

The family lived there until 1940, when her mother died and they moved to Deeping St Nicholas. During that year she contracted measles and was taken to be cared for by her maternal grandparents and she never returned to the family home except for holidays.

Her father remarried and she had four half brothers and sisters - Irene, Peter, Alan and Lois.

By the time she was 10 her grandparents had moved to Peterborough. She failed her 11-plus and attended Eastholm Secondary Modern School, where she was very happy, worked hard and achieved much.

On leaving school she joined a pre-nursing course at the hospital. This entailed two classes a week in the School of Nursing and working as a teacher’s assistant in an infant school. She worked at the local church school where she was already an active church member with the guides, as a Sunday school teacher and with the Anglican Young Peoples Association.

During this time O-levels had come into educations and she felt she needed a national qualification. She enrolled at the local technical school and undertook several correspondence courses and by the time she began nurse training in 1951, she had gained five O-levels.

Mrs Hutchinson trained at the Peterborough Memorial Hospital and then went to Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London, and Watford General. She had ambition to become a nurse tutor so returned to Peterborough and became night sister and continued as night superintendent.

In June 1959 she was appointed sister on the women’s surgical ward at Grantham for two years prior to being seconded by Peterborough to do the tutor’s course. However her plans changed and in 1963 she married Ken Hutchinson and acquired a step-family of four children - Angela, Carol, Diane-Elizabeth and Andrew.

Ken died in 1969 and the following year she started her tutor diploma at Queen Elizabeth College, London.

She returned to Grantham in 1972, working as a nurse tutor until 1975 when she became senior nursing officer, then director of nursing and finally assistant manager - patient services. She retired in 1989.

She began a life time of service with the Red Cross in 1966, when she became the branch nursing officer for Lincolnshire Red Cross. Later she took on the role of training officer and worked locally, in the region and nationally, helping, developing and advising on internal training.

On retiring from the NHS in 1989 she took on some development work for the Red Cross and in 1991 she was appointed director. She stayed there until 1999 when she was finally retiring but was persuaded to go to Derbyshire as an interim director for a year. Following that she was asked to undertake a managerial overview of the two Nottinghamshire residential homes, which she did until 2004 when she was elected to the Board of Trustees.

During the 1980s and 1990s she was heavily involved with Grantham College. She was on the governing body for almost 20 years and for the majority of that time was vice-chairman.

Mrs Hutchinson was appointed MBE in 1999 for services to the Red Cross.

She enjoyed her seven-year appointment on the board and was vice-chairman for most of that time.

In the last 20 years of her life she took up another pastime - bridge. She was part of the MR BRIDGE team, an organisation that promotes the game and organises weekends and cruises for like-minded people. She had some wonderful working cruises to the Antarctic, Baltics, West Indies and Far East among others.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev June Rowland and Canon Ian Shelton. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Mr and Mrs C. Johnson, Mr and Mrs A. Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs D. Tarlton, Mrs C. Kemp, Mr P. Johnson, Mr and Mrs M. Morgan, Mr A. Johnson and Mr and Mrs S. Taggart.

Other mourners included: Harriett Johnson, Bridget Johnson, Simon Johnson, Ian Johnson, Emma Johnson, June Bennett, Val York, Roger York, Mrs Glynes Houlden, Barbara Bark, Amanda and Ian Bacon, Gerald and Jill Bacon, Michael and Kathleen Gilbert, Mrs A. Blankley, Doris Spickman, Margaret Rowbotham, Carol Hulse, Ann Bennett, Sandra Coy, Christine A. Paddison, Lynne McLean, Sue Lewendon, Jean Henderson, Lesley Coombs, Len Coombs, Davina Sharp, Anne Slater, Dorothy Ashford, Janet Saunders, Anne Meadows, Gillian Emery, Sue Purkiss, Richard Money, Ami Cawthan, Richard Wynne, Karen Wynne, Jo Parkin, Mary Tyler, Shirley Walton, Nestar McKiernon, Jenny Twycross, Christine Cooper, Irene Pacey, H. Shipley, Janice Beckthorpe, Helen Cauldron, Liz Fletcher, Val Dannourah, John and Brenda Sills, Dr and Mrs Onugha, Carol Fisher, Ann Copestake, Judy Massingham, Liz McCraig, Alison Lister, Liz Dixon-Spain, Sylvia Thacker, Murial Barker, Win Iremonger, Betty Stainton, Margaret Dean, Margaret and Ken Exton, Marion Wells, June Barber, Colin Dale, Nona Anderson, Mary Smallwood, R. S. Pearson, Ian Kemp. Mr and Mrs Bridge, Grace Martin, Christopher Clark, Graham and Rosemary Walker, Sarah and Martin Goodwin, Jenny Green, Helen Ward, Sarah Belton, Debbie Wingad, Emma Johnson, Katherine Appleyard, Michael Throssell, Mr and Mrs James Briggs, Mr and Mrs R. Thompson, Stephen Hunt, Susan Ladds, Gill and Malcolm Saville, Judy and Roger Merrick, Ruth Hutchinson, Kay Rowley, Kyra Dickinson, Mary Nelder, Chris and Terry Bond, Mrs J. Green, Andrew Rippin, Lady Benton-Jones, Vincent Hedley-Lewis, Julia Rowland, Francis Woolston, Hope Woolston, George Woolston, Michelle Emery, Rita and Alan Johnson, Irene Webb, Ann Seymour, Jack Evans, Ian Temple, John Coulthurst, Helen Lee-Smith, Maxine Motley, Lorraine Bisby, Wyn Stirk, Jean Bowes, Duncan Andrew, Joyce Bundy, Margaret Pykett, Elizabeth Allison, Jean Wood, Carol Hall, Susie Wong, Sheila Singleton, Anne Clarkson, Malcolm Elvin, Sheila Bowbanks, Elspeth Thomas, Christine and Roy Wright, Roger Smith, Nick Young, Terence Collis, Elena Pettit, Jo Lee, Madaline Coffin, Jacqueline Page, Mrs Whittaker, Etta Smith, Margaret Lally, Maryanne Burton, Rodney and Martine Keightley, Jean Goddard, Doreen and David Fardell, Liz McCarthy, Betty Morton, Ann Wild, Marta Thomas, Patricia Temple-Fielder, Edith Wesley, Carol Martini, Catherine Wallace, Trevor Hollinshead, Fiona Twilley, Wendy Baker, Shirley Leverett, Christine and Terry Bond, Joy and John Clift-Hill, Greta Stratford, Chris Pettit, Eleanor Pettit, Monica Gedee, the Rev Stella Langdon-Davies, Jane Brisco, Angela Lamport, Penny Hedley-Lewis, Barbara Money, Gloria Gorter, Mrs Pearsey, Mrs Norris, John Wood, Jean Parker, Ruth Bryan, Di Olive, Mrs B. Gifford, Karen Hicks, Joan Dye, David Mitchell, Sue Redmile, Kathy Fidler, Pat Bird, Grace Jackson, James Cochrane, Gordon Paul, Susan Paul, Suzie Strange, Dennis and Chris Pridmore, Pete and Mary Baxter, Mary Morgan, Liz Thake, Sue Smith, Dorothy Nix, Mr and Mrs B. Young, Alison Allenby, Isabel Wyatt, Julie Meredith, Stuart Christie, Carol Roper, Jill Scarborough, Christopher Gray, Marilyn Smith, Mr and Mrs J. McDownell, Laurie Porter, Anne Hollick, June Hanley, Paddy Marshall, Gerald and June Pedge, Pat LeHair, Jane King, Menella Tarks, David and Sue Valerio, Charlotte Jackson, Marilyn Edwards, Josephine Foottit, Elaine Priem, Barbara Kirton, Pauline Howe, Rosanne Rawson, Sue Scott, Angela Fairmann, Nora Anderson, Gill Epton, Carol Garbett, June Dixon, Fran Hampson, Eileen Johnson, Cameron Rock, Hannah Newton, Marion Hare, Dorothy Nice, Sandra Armstrong, Jennifer Blowfield, Mr and Mrs Ricker, Thora Flemming, Pat Burton, Phillip Newton, Barbara Smith, Annette Astbury, Ann Stewart, Gill Hallam, Maureen George, Dierdra Pickup, Evelyn Richardson, Cynthia Lyon, Eileen Lewendon, Sheila Marsh, Margaret Matthews, Moyra Hipwell, Diana and Ian Shelton, Alison Arnott, Sharon and David Rawlings, Elizabeth Udo, Ian Welham, Elspeth Straker, Stan Fitches, Andrew Kinlock, Stephen Jeannin, Sir Martin Gibson, Anita Simpson, Malcolm Moyes, Dr Nelson Porter, Dr Amber Porter, Mr and Mrs Bridgwood, Mary Necklen, Brenda Marriott, Linda Wale, Ann Reynolds, Barbara Morris, Do Clarke, Janet Hindmarsh, Patricia West, Barbara Smith, Penny Lucas, Diane Parrish, Shirley Simpson, Helen Ainsworth, Kelly Eaton-Gray, Simon Wright, Angela Skailes, Josephine Blake, John Kemp, Mrs D. Brown, Christopher Kemp and Julie Gilbert.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, 14 St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Red Cross.