Mrs B. E. Milne

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MRS Betty Ellen Milne, of Church Street, Harlaxton, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 89.

Born in North West Fulham, London, she was the wife of the late Don Milne, mother to David, mother-in-law to Annette, grandmother to Amanda and great-grandmother to Zach. She was also step-mother to Pauline, Trevor, Gary and their families.

As a younger woman she worked in London as a seamstress.

During the Second World War she worked in the factory producing the Spitfire aeroplane.

She then became a wife and mother and later returned to work at Reads Laundry and then Wolsey.

Mrs Milne enjoyed dancing, going to Nottingham Forest football matches with her husband, making clothes, family holidays, crossword puzzles and making cakes.

The Rev Keith Hanson conducted the funeral service at St Mary and St Peter’s Church, Harlaxton, Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: David Irish, Annette Irish, Amanda Irish, Pauline Claxton, Geoff Claxton, Mark Claxton, David Claxton, Trevor Milne, Diane Milne, Paul Milne, Nigel Milne, Mim Coleman, Gary Milne, Vanessa Milne, Ashley Milne and Grant Milne.

Other mourners included: Sue Taylor, Elisabeth Allison, Sheila and Alec Cox, Chris Cranfield, Keith Oxby, Fran Oxby, Jamie Oxby, Barbara Mann, Pat Thompson, Irene Lane, Brenda Brown, Eileen Skeith, Paul Hornes, Susan Hornes and Wendy Witton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Alzheimer’s Society.