Mrs B. M. Norris

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MRS Barbara Mary Norris, of Easthorpe, has died at home. She was 88.

Born in Radcliffe-on-Trent, she had one sister, Nora.

After school, she worked at Langar. She met Aubrey and they were married in 1945. They had three children, Vivienne, Steve and Pete.

The family lived at Sands Farm. Easthorpe, for 32 years. The couple then moved to Orston Lane in 1977, and to Corner Fields five years ago. Mr Norris died in December 2006.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Barbara bred race horses; she enjoyed following the local hunt and was involved with the local cricket club, first watching her husband play, followed by watching her sons, Steve and Pete, and then her grandson. She worked behind the scenes making cricket teas.

Mrs Norris loved the countryside, watching sport on the television, and she enjoyed the company of her seven grandchildren and later seven great-grandchildren.

The funeral service was held in St Mary’s Church, Bottesford, conducted by the Rev Dr Mark Smith. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Steve and Chris Norris, Stacey and Andrew Norris, Jazzmin and Joel, Jo’Ann Norris and Graham Dewar, Pete and Lana Norris, Chrissy Norris, Andy Smith and Grace Bowen, Vicky Norris and Craig Currie and Hallie and Charlie, Shereen Norris and Jacob Leone, Ashleigh Norris, Vivienne Mackley, Kath Mackley and Kay Cawood.

Other mourners included: Glynn Norris, Lee Norris, Kellie, Martin and Sophie Norris, Ian and Joan Norris, Jean Norris, Andy Norris, Geoff and Pat Norris, Mr and Mrs V. Heppenstall (Belvoir Cricket Club), Jospehine Doubleday, Roger and Catherine Pacey, Keith Fisher and Joan Murden, Melvin and Glenys Claricoats, Mick and Tonya Pacey, Kenneth and Rose Pacey, R. Donger, Lorraine Henson, Beverley Greasley, Mr and Mrs T. Fisher, Molly Ford, Mike Ford, Joyce Smith, Susi Lister and Janet Greenhalgh, Kathleen and Maurice Fisher, Sheron and Lucy McCarthy, June and Gerald Pedge, John and Pauline Goodson, Marek and Cilla Palul, Bill Burrows, Simon and Jenny Staples, Richard and Catriona Clayfield, Barbara Sutton, David and Barbra Makin, Anthony and Jean Murden, Mark Coles and Julia Gulliford, Ian and Sharon Smith, Mark Pyper (pip), Liz Nerney, Steve Elmer, Peter and Peggy Topps Ken Roberts, Eric Walker, Sue Wilkinson and Robin Baker, Robert Mackley, Margaret Lanton, Kelvin Broderick, Barbara Armstrong, Sid and Jean Cuplin, John Topps, Jean Arthur Gamble, John Daybell, Mr and Mrs S. Williams, Mrs L. Cole, Vicky Safarris, Matthew Mackley, Emma and Neale Marston, Edna Taylor, Jill Simpson, Frank Wilkinson, Stuart Pear and Fiona Gray, Simon and Julie Silverwood, Roger and Val Booth, Marina Glover, Mark Elmer, Wayne, Samantha Murden and family, Cheryl Hibbert, Kim Slender, Bella Doherty, Bud Hart, Ray and Kathleen Levesley, Karen McFarran (nee Levesley), Gill Cook, Peter and Jackie Simpson, Anne Ablewhite, Chris Watchorn, Mary Morley, Janet MacDonald Kyle, John Reason, Mr and Mrs D. Peet, Debbie and Dutch, Brian Silverwood, Ray and Margaret Parker, Susan and Melvyn Plowright and Stan Taylor.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations to be divided between Marie Curie Cancer Care and Leukaemia Research amount to £618.78 to date.