Mrs C. L. Footitt

Christine Louisa Footitt obituary
Christine Louisa Footitt obituary
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MRS Christine Louisa Footitt, of Cottesmore Close, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 81.

Born in Sleaford, she was the daughter of Christopher and Susan Sharp. She had a younger brother, Norman and sister, Ivy.

In 1953 she married Geoff and they lived in Corby Glen, where they raised their four sons, Trevor, Brian, Paul and Stephen and daughter, Jane. She also had six grandchildren with a seventh grandchild due in February. Her husband predeceased her in 1991.

She attended Alvey School and Sleaford Secondary School, and then went to work as a chemist’s assistant at Boots in Sleaford and Bourne, until becoming a full-time housewife. After having her family she volunteered for all sorts of activities, including helping at the primary school and weighing newborns at the monthly clinic in Corby Glen.

Her interests included knitting, cross-stitch and crossword puzzles and she enjoyed watching the wildlife in her garden.

After her husband died she moved to Grantham.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: Trevor, Brian, Paul and Stephen Footitt, Josephine Footitt, Frances Footitt, Jane Broughton, Clare Footitt and Oliver Totty, Graeme Footitt and Stacy Mainwaring, Sarah and Emma Footitt, Eric and Nellie Footitt, Anne and Richard Footitt, Rosemary Philpotts, Simon Philpotts, James Philpotts, Laura Philpotts, James Footitt, Dawn Sharpe, Graham Sharpe, Linda Sharpe, John Sharpe, Christopher Sharpe, Allen Footitt, Mark and Amanda Footitt, John and Natalie Footitt, Freda Slater, Sheila Footitt, Peter Footitt, and Margaret Footitt.

Other mourners included: Margaret Clarke, Josephine Baines, Adrian Baines, Mark Day, Janice Bills, Mr and Mrs Hinsley, Jenny Geeson, Margaret and Michael Lyon, Joanne Coulson, Mr and Mrs B. Pick, Mr and Mrs B. Williams, Nicola Nolan, Brenda Smith, Jenny Noquet, Joy Strutt, Barry Philpotts, Elizabeth Timms, Jackie and John Gregory, Di and Don Quantrill, Nikki Grayham, John and Joan Barber, Brenda Swain, Mrs S. Aitman, Mrs J. Yeates, Rachel Southwold, Christine Moulsher, Sally Moulsher, Darren Bills, John and Jennifer White, Helen and David Porter, Jack and Doreen Upsall, Tony Williams, Tracy Scase, Christine and Dennis Pridmore, Mary and Betty Smith, Brian Halsey, Mr and Mrs A. Wright, David and Margaret Carroll and Peter Smith.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham. Donations were received for Vine Street Surgery, Grantham.