Mrs D. E. Watson

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MRS Doreen Elizabeth Watson, has died at her home in Granby. She was 83.

Her parents were George and Winifred Mees, who lived in Barnstone, Rutland, before emigrating to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1925, where Doreen was born in 1928. She had four younger brothers, George, Tom, Ron and Cyril.

The family returned to Barnstone when she was nine-years-old and she continued her education at Langar School until the age of 14.

After leaving school she began work at Boots in Nottingham, as a shorthand typist. During her time at Boots she played county netball for many years. She also helped as a cricket scorer at Granby Cricket Club.

Her family returned to Brantford, Canada in 1947, but she stayed behind and lived with her grandmother in Barnstone.

She met Len when he was demobbed and they married in 1952 and lived in Granby. They had two daughters, Jayne and Elaine.

In 1969 she and her husband took over the new Country Club at Barnstone and ran it until their retirement in 1987.

During retirement she and Len enjoyed travelling, visiting South Africa, family in Canada, the battlefields in Europe, and many holidays in Spain.

Mrs Watson played an active part in village life and its organisations. She was secretary of the Granby, Barnstone and District Royal British Legion and was a founder member of the Luncheon Club. She was a committee member of the WI and enjoyed the Ladies Thursday Club and yoga at the village hall, as well as being a regular churchgoer.

Mrs Watson took an active interest and pride in her five grandchildren.

The funeral service took place at All Saints Church, Granby, conducted by the Rev Bronwen Gamble, Burial followed in Granby cemetery.

Family mourners included: Jayne and Neil Stubbs, Elaine and Andrew Machin, Alice, Oliver, Ben, Toby and Alex.

Other mourners included: Stephen and Paulette Page, Leonard Page, Peter and Elizabeth Clarke, Michael Clarke, Anne and Richard Machin, Stan and Jean Stubbs, A. F. Stubbs, Mr and Mrs G. Spence, Andrew and Joan Charlott, Lorna Torr, Geoff E. Hallam, Joyce E. Marley, Vic Bradley, Julie, Mark and Steve Evans, John and Rosemary Carnswick, Sue Hall, Sean McArdle, Rachel Watson, Sylvia Shelton, Rachel Borrett, Sue Turner McGill, Christine and David Lineker, Karen Munton, Basher and Ann Hassan, Michael Burton, Gwen and Brian James, Tim Tomblin, Edna Stanley, Clive and Marisa, Jane Walker, John and Patsy Rampling, Andy Wrigley, Sue and Loz, Emily Plowright, Pat Kitching, John Culley, Jill Culley, Iris Miller, Mary Moulds, Anne Lee, Michelle and Philip, Stan Burton and Marjorie, Julia Bell, David Selby, Val Ridgway, Lindsey Castledine, Mr and Mrs Sansome, Tom and Kathleen Barlow, Ray Levesley, Tony and Eunice Draper, Stewart and Catherine Lee, Mike and Sheila Waring, Cherry Dewey, Mrs M. Starbuck, Sue and Mick Hallam, Robert and Penny Portescue, Lynn and Catie Westwood, Keith and Janet Hallam, Terry Toon, Norman Doubleday, Frank and Jean Moulds, Steve and Mary Morley, Mike Weston, Mark and Fiona Hopkinson, Andrew and Linda Kemp, Ann and John Parker, Steve and June Wrate, Frank and Isabel Lee, Don and Sylvia Smart, Edith Kirk, Margaret Hellawell, Sandra Stafford, Bernard Johnson, Jacqueline and Martyn Swift, Mr and Mrs R. A. Staples, Gill Thompson, Richard and Julia Watson, David Fletcher, Brian Baxter, Angela Dobson-Riley, Len, Betty and Marian Worley, Mick and Tonya Pacey, Peter and Jackie Simpson, John and Karen Hunton, Angela and Hugh Sinclair, Tom and Carol Knight, Peter Fletcher, Doris Underwood, Mr and Mrs P. Underwood, Ann Robinson, Brian and Susie Crawford, John and Josie Haywood, George and Maureen Dolby, Pat and Colin Bannister, Carole Headland, Ron, Jennie and Darcy Brooks, Valerie and David Hayward, Eileen Davies, Bob Taylor, Mr and Mrs P. Avey, Mr and Mrs A. R. Porteous, Sam Lee and Diana Ward, Gill and David Mitchell, Brenda Preece, Jane and Alan Thompson, Dot Clayton, Muriel Cooke, Bridget Bhatia, Amanda Grattan, Ann Coy, Claude and Margaret Watchorn, Mr and Mrs K. Perkins, Malcolm Jackson, Olive Baker and John Wilkinson, Mick and Sue Markham, Barrie and Judith Swann, Harry and Sandra White, Janet Rea, T. and C. Chamberlain, Maureen Wright, Mary Brown, David Morgan, Robert Brown and Roy Hourd.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care (Grantham) amount to £739.67 to date.