Mrs D. R. Emerton

Mrs Emerton was head of Allington School.
Mrs Emerton was head of Allington School.
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Mrs Dorothy Ross Emerton has died aged 94.

Mrs Emerton and her husband Glatton moved to Barrowby in August 1962 when he was appointed head teacher of St Anne’s CE Primary School. Later that summer Mrs Emerton was appointed as the head of Allington CE Primary. The school then consisted of one 1906 classroom partitioned by a wooden screen and there were separate boys’ and girls’ playgrounds divided by a brick wall.

Mrs Emerton established a happy and positive Christian ethos in the school. She asked the education committee to fund use of the village hall for PE and music and movement. They agreed and this was a welcome boost due to the cramped facilities at the school. Also the near bankrupt village hall benefited from a regular income. A lot of fun followed with nativity plays and summer shows. However, a prolonged campaign was needed to replace the coke stoves and remove the playground wall. Both were eventually achieved around 1966. The school was then under threat due to a falling roll slipping to about 22 at one point as the number of children coming from the mobile home site off Sedgebrook Road declined. New houses were built in the village and the school grew progressively from that point. The school field was established and an Elliott mobile soon followed as an extra classroom. School sports days became annual events and children were taken by bus for regular swimming lessons at the pool in Grantham. Many children and their parents have happy memories of their years at Allington School. By 1981 it was time for change. Sedgebrook School had closed and merged with Allington. The mobile classrooms and external toilets were replaced by a modern building.

Mrs Emerton decided to retire just before the birth of her first grandchild in 1981. She was remembered for the Daf 33 car that she drove. She also said that she would never fly but changed her mind in 1986 when she and her husband flew to Tanzania to visit family. They visited again in 1990 and enjoyed the cultural experience and making new friends.

In 1994 they moved to Teesside to be near family. Mrs Emerton enjoyed a final visit to Allington School in 2006 for the centenary celebration. Soon after that her health declined and she moved into a residential home in 2009 where she was happy and comfortable until her death.