Mrs D. Welberry

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MRS Doll Welberry, of Pasture Farm, Stoke Rochford, has died in Roxholm Nursing Home. She was 94.

Mrs Welberry was born at the Hunt Kennels, Belchford.

She served in the Land Army prior to her marriage to John and they lived at Ryehill Farm, Belchford. They had three sons Ted, Mick and Pete. Mrs Welberry worked hard on the land all her life.

In 1956 she moved to Pasture Farm, Stoke Rochford.

Her interests included horse racing, going for walks, gardening and feeding the lambs.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Nicola Dela-Croix.

Family mourners included: Ted, Chris, Pete and Julia, Mick, Margaret and Steven, Tanya, Nicola, George and Chloe Welberry.

Other mourners included: Neil McCorquodale, Angie James, Simon Allam, Lynda Mitchell, David Mitchell, Hilda, Jenny and Charles Baxter, Malcolm Partridge, Robert Barker, Mr J. Hoyes, Mrs R. Littleworth, Penny Littleworth, June Lowe (Warmoth), Ron Lines, Granville Thompson, Roy Vinter, Pat Vinter, Allen and Jo Smith, Jonathan, Michael, Simon, Jackie Machen, Vernon Meachan, Tim Welberry and Lyn Holliday, Alan, Pat, and Robert Wright, Clive and Jennie Wright, John Barker, Jane Barker, Clare Featherstone, Amanda Gallagher, George, Shirley Murphy, Catherine Auckland, Steve Meadows, Maurice Taylor, Michael Taylor, Claire Hadnam, Karen Hadnam, David Hadnam, Mrs C. Taylor, Christine Whittle, David Whittle, Derek Ogg, Mary Haddison, Sarah Roberts, DJ and Jess, Jessica Roberts, David Roberts, Des Johnson, Mr R. Johnson, Katie Turner, Steve Musgrove, Carole Wainwright, Robert Wainwright and Angie and Jim Patinson.

Funeral arrangements were by Andrew Woodhouse Funeral Services, Casterton Road, Stamford.

Donations received for the Donkey Sanctuary amount to £326 to date.