Mrs E. A. Strutt

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MRS Elizabeth Ann Strutt, of South Heath Lane, Fulbeck, has died at home. She was 69.

Mrs Strutt was born in Grimsby. She was married to Peter and they had two children Sara and Graham. She was grandmother to Christopher, Jerry and Dion, and sister to John. She worked in a number of stores including the Co-op in Grantham and Morrisons and Waitrose in Newark. She enjoyed holidays abroad and loved her garden, flowers and cut glass, and spending time with family and friends.

The Rev June Freshney conducted the service at Fulbeck Church.

Family mourners included Peter Strutt, Graham Strutt, Nicki Strutt, Sue Strutt, Christopher Strutt, Sara Capes, Paul Capes, Jerry Capes, Dion Capes, Pam Cutler, John Cutler, Philip and Marie Cutler, Lynsey Cutler.

Other mourners included Brian Newland, Carol Clack, Miles Timpson, Ruth Hughes, Denise Walker, Julie Mulgrew, Clare Morley, Michael Fisher, Leigh Ford, Caroline Boswell, Peter Gibbs, Ruth Jones, Sarah Lee, Michelle Cowlin, Alison Crane, Sarah Percy, Denise Chambers, Barbara Russell, Anne Fargher, Sandra Boucock, Ruth Rawston, Jean Gabbitas, Nickie Penson, Julie Draper, June Parsons, Matt Durrance, Kimberley Walker, Katrina Hamsard, Denise Bullimore, Ben and Fran Colbrook, Linda Allen, Peter and Mary Mills, Val and David Smart, Jim and Maureen Allen, Joyce Strutt, Alan Footitt, Peter and Collette Hughes, Nigel and Debra Strutt, Phil Cutler, Marie Brown, Amy Fish, Brenda Wilson, Joe and Joan Lyon, Geoff and Jenny Cottingham, Trisha Fairfax, John Burlage, Claire Green, Sue Ball, Derek and Edith Pollard, Sue Black, Debra Buckley, Pat and Alf Davies, Joy Lucas, Mrs and Mrs J. Fane, Amanda Hooper, Mr and Mrs Tebb, Chris and Ann Armstrong, Brian Fisher, Judy Woolfitt, Stuart Challis, Claire Fisher, Pamela Harrison, Bernard Allen, Richard Ashton, Judy Peberdy, Tony and Judy Grocock, Rodney Troop, Gillian Elton, Brenda and David Fisher, Mrs B. Footitt, Brenda and Michael Gilman, Mandy Smith, David and Sue Stacey, Hazel Carlton, Joanne Harby, Ken Oliver, Jo Shaw, Mr and Mrs Metton, Mrs Pellet, John Hoe, David Strutt, Rebecca Strutt, Maureen Strutt, Norma and Roy Baker, Alan Mayer, Sheila Nelson, Sylvia Siddans, Jennie Winkless, Ian and Sue Broughton, Sheila Marsh, Michael Marsh, Margaret and Peter Bradley, Philip Jackson, Rosie Gent, Margaret Howarth, Angela Lilley, Amanda Wright, Karl Millar, Clare Parkinson, Carolyn Joslin, Tina Devenish, Dawn Devenish, Rosemary Sandy, Sarah Graham, Sharon and Steve Cox, Irene Crossley, Sue Barker, Shelle Hill, Julie Stapley, Christine Moulsher, Mr and Mrs P. Cannon, Sue Lee, Gail Revell, Val Sharp, Jenny Carr, David Allen, Jeanette Strutt, Ian Caroll, Mrs Chilvers, Mr Bowen.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham. Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.