Mrs E. Hind

Obit - HIND.
Obit - HIND.
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MRS Elizabeth Hind (Betty), of Belton Avenue, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 82.

She was born in Chestnut Cottages, New Street, Grantham and had two brothers and one sister.

She attended Little Gonerby School in Grantham.

In 1947 she married Harold and they were married for 63 years. She has three daughters, two sons, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren which she adored.

Mrs Hind worked at Palmers Printers until her second daughter was born. She then worked as a cleaner to fit around family life.

Her interests included knitting, holidays in Wales, which was her favourite place and collecting fridge magnets. Most of all, her family was her main concern.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Ernest Fytch.

Family mourners included: Harold Hind, Janis and David Bunn, Heather and Kevin Kennington, Graham and Shirley Hind, Michael Hind and Carol Ann Taylor, Sarah and Kevin Ryder, Paula Packham, Trevor Bunn and Hayley Desmond, Emma and Denis Smith, Helen and Simon Williams, Dale Smith and Janice Liu, Ian Smith and Jemma Wilson, Darren Hind, Daniel Packham, Jonathan Packham, Matthew Bunn, Bethany Desmond, Courtney Desmond, Katie Smith, Thomas Smith, Luke Smith, Gemma Watson, Laura Watson, Lewis Snelling, Ryan Williams, Callum Williams, Mr and Mrs D. Cunnington, Jane Simpson, Jill Hand, John Cunnington, Eileen Cunnington, Steven Cunnington, Stacey Clay, Shirley and John Little, Chris, Joanne and Oliver Taylor, Gary Watson, Marie and Martin Watson, Aaron Storey, Sidney Hind, Linda Parkinson, Robert Parkinson, Tracey Park, David Hind, and Ena and Alf Laister.

Other mourners included: Winifred Rumsey, Brenda Clayton, Mr and Mrs L. Lehair, Janet and Dennis Green, Dawn Parker, Caroline Hind, Michael Baker, Jane Baker, Joanne Sharpe, Andy Packham, Ruth Packham, Emily Hipkiss, Joanna Hipkiss, Michael Hipkiss, Colin Bunn, Deborah Dennant, Mrs P. Freeman, Mr and Mrs T. R. Clarke, Sandra Hind, Irene Harrison, Joanne Coulton, D. Potter, Brian Buttery, Mrs Heeley, Mike Hall, Ada and Jim Parker, Jake Bilton, Mr and Mrs R. Dacey, Paula Sharpe, Ruth Redford, Marianne Sutton and Mr Kennington.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations for Macmillan Nurses amount to £500 to date.