Mrs E. Wetherill

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MRS Elsie Wetherill, of Gorse Hill Lane, Caythorpe, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 99.

Born in Carlton Scroop in 1912, she was the youngest of 14 children.

She married George Wetherill when she was 19 and they had six children, Tony, Brian, Rita, Sheila, Wendy and Keith.

She worked on the land before going into service as a cook at Caythorpe Court, home of Lady Yerbrough. In 1936 she moved to Caythorpe and went back to land work during the Second World War.

Mrs Wetherill’s interests included her Siamese cats and gardening. In later life she enjoyed watching television.

The Rev June Freshney conducted the funeral service at St Vincent’s Church, Caythorpe. Burial followed in the village.

Family mourners included: Rita Rigby, Stephanie Bowes, Pam Wetherill, Terry Wetherill, Joan Wetherill, Sandra Wetherill, Paul Wetherill, Sheila Wetherill, Tanya Wetherill, David Wetherill, Carl Wetherill, Hilary Collishaw and Mr J. Rigby.

Other mourners included: Gordon Baxter, Sean Houlden, Sue Dix, Mary Siddons, Julia Dixon, Mr N. Gibson, Mrs L. Robb, Ruth Watson, Mrs M. Wright, Margorie Pulfrey, Eleanor Pilkington, St John Pilkington, Kath Metheringham, Jackie Flint, Brenda Addlesee, Jill Shill, Denis Rossington, Valeria Martin, Gerry Martin, Terry Merman, Janet Merman, Janet Avison, Mo Reynolds, Yvonne Cobb, Elizabeth Shutler, Paul Shutler, Jessica Bowes, Dale Houldon, Corin Egglestone, Mave Streeter, Janet Jex, Roy Jex, Mr and Mrs N. Sears, Betty Becket and Andy Roberts.

Funeral arrangememnts were by E. Gill and Sons, Newark.

Donations were received for church funds.