Mrs F. J. Osborn

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MRS Frances Joanne Osborn, of Swinegate, Grantham, has died in St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln. She was 56.

Born in Grantham, she was the only daughter of Fred and Marguerite Reed, of Gladstone Terrace, and sister to Andrew and the late Paul Reed. She was the mother of James and Charlotte and nanny to Auryn Tristan.

Mrs Osborn worked at both Little Gonerby School and The National School. For many years she was the owner of Archway Guest House in Swinegate.

She enjoyed many pastimes, including gardening and house restoration. She enjoyed attending St Wulfram’s Church but above all she loved spending time with her many friends and family.

Canon Christopher Andrews conducted the funeral service at St Wulfram’s Church, followed by a private cremation at Grantham Crematorium Chapel for family.

Family mourners included: James Osborn, Charlotte Osborne, Ayrton Pankiw, Andrew Reed, Casey Reed, Mark Osborn, Frank and Irene Woods, Nicola Woods, James and Pippa Lewis, Master Thomas Lewis, Master William Lewis, Evelyn Welbourne, Terry Welbourne and John and Rona Reed.

Other mourners included: June Bennett, Val York, Mrs Martin, Mrs Exton, Odette Garrett, Norah English, Val Taylor, Jackie Whatley, Mr and Mrs Dear, Mark Ryan, Paul Sugden, Karen Sugden, Jill Scarborough, Joe Thompson, Kate Walton, Ian Nicholson, Nora Clark, Vicki Jenkinson, Jennifer Nickerson, John Fairhurst, Dianne Hale, Keeley Taylor, Becky Chantry-Parke, Suzy Lee, Edin and Chris Clark, Paul Subner, Naomi Sillett, Trudie Shelbourn, Jenny Burley, Neil Hoyes, Delia Hearmon, Nora Harrison, Lilian Cory, Marion and Trevor Radley, Ian Thompson, Beryl Neal, Michael Brooks, Cath Rowson, Kelly Smart, Albert Rawlinson, Irene Boulter, Sandra Stafford, Malcolm Knapp, Jenny Davies, Celia Alexander, Leroy Smith, Brian and Dawn Rawlinson, Nigel Gibson, Samantha Rawlinson, Pam Harris, Christine Bailey, Angela and Michael Simms, Emily McRay, Kathleen Dickins, Patricia Blackshaw, Dr Steele, Lee Couldron, Laura Kennedy, Beth Morton, David Thornton, Mary Pointer, Edd Pimlott, Sarah Foss, Johanna Pearson, Chris Simons, Hanna Joyce, Alex Burley, Mrs Brooks, Mrs I. Thompson, Mrs Bromwell, Miss H. Thompson, Martin and Tracy Dalton, Ann and John Billing, Elaine and Owen Smith, Daphne Gray, Mr and Mrs Osborn, Mrs Murdock Ruth Osborn, Sue Eve, Zoe Rudd, Aileen Rudd, Matthew Croken Smith, Alex Swann, Richard Swann, Helen Johnson, Margaret Smith, Susan Lee, Sue Redmile, Tim Redmile, Val Marsden, Frank Lepora, Tony Mahoney, Pat Brooks, Fran Thompson, Vicki Geeson, D. Morgan, Tanya Ashwin, David Borchard, Haley Arnold, Anne Beecroft, Diana And Christopher Walters, Paul Osborn, Mr and Mrs Spurr, Sarah Rodway, Sylvia Chantry, Marsela and Mattie Charles, Netia and Ken Bean, Maralyn Loynes, Barbara Ellis, Neil Gregory, Stephen Hunt, Colin and Wendy McIntyre, Linda Brunton, Claire Wallace, Matt Pearson, Callum Pearson, Richard Nicholson, Lorraine Walker and Sharon Porter.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Lincoln St Barnabas Hospice and St Wulfram’s Church.