Mrs G. G. Rickett

Obit - Rickett
Obit - Rickett
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MRS Gloria Gladys Rickett, of Thames Road, Grantham, has died at home. She was 73.

Born in Great Gonerby, she was the second child of William and Alice Andrew and had three siblings, Paul, Cynthia and Mary (deceased).

Mrs Rickett was mother to seven children and has 15 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Primarily she was a mother and housewife but had worked in service prior to her marriage. She later worked on the land and caring for others.

Her interests included knitting, baking, travelling, gardening and native American Indian spirituality.

The Rev Nikola Marshall conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Rodney Rickett, Nadine Rickett, Carole Rickett, Tim Auckland, Mr and Mrs Fensom, Mr and Mrs Flarry, Amanda Barber, Dannielle Barber, Linda Colman, David Colman, Jack Colman, Harriet Colman, Donna Lawson, Simon Lawson, Marcus Rickett, Tina Rickett, Simon Johnson, Victoria Greaves, Paul and Chris Andrew, Cynthia and Rodney Pitt, Lucy Pitt, Rachel Price and Stuart Saunders, Charli Foster, Mike Roberts, Wendy Brady, Bim Rickett, Patricia Blackburn, Jamie Flarry and Abbie McDonnell.

Other mourners included: Mrs S. Atter, Mr and Mrs Houghton, Mrs B. Isaac, Mr B. Marshall, Miss J. Taylor, Mrs S. Hesketh, Miss L. Hesketh, Mr D. Lawson, Mrs E. Lawson, Miss S. Cox, Miss K. Ayris, Mr C. Parr, Mr M. Saunders, Cherly Lee, Carla Arnold and Karen McSpadyen.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Lincolnshire Hospice at Home amount to £94.70 to date.