Mrs J. I. Parker

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MRS Julia Irene Parker, of Hobart Road, Grantham, has died at home. She was 84.

Born in Grantham, she was the daughter of Joseph and Hilda Sumner and was one of 12 children. The family lived at Barrowby Thorns. She is survived by three siblings, Arthur, Peter and Joan.

She met and married Tom Parker and they lived in Launder Terrace, followed by East Street, then Alma Park, before finally settling in Hobart Road, where they lived happily for 57 years.

Her working life began with her making baskets and then breeze blocks. She then spent many happy years working on the land until finally working as a domestic at Belton Park Golf Club.

Mrs Parker enjoyed a game of bingo, shopping and visiting the charity shops. She liked going on bus trips with her many friends and holidays in Newcastle with her husband and later with her sister Joan in Skegness. Her other interests included knitting, reading, watching the television and her many garden flowers.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Paul and Ann Parker, Susan Robinson, Adrian, Thomas, Adele, Linsey, Carol and Brian Smith, Marion Blatherwick, Joan Sutton, Peter Sumner, Mr and Mrs A. Sumner, Mr G. Sutton, Mr M. Sutton, Mr A. Sutton, Sharon Winton, Angela, Dale, Jake, Ann and Lance Gilbert, Harvey and Elaine Gilbert, Bob and Denise Taylor, Stefan and Linda Michniew, Halina Page, Mr and Mrs R. Sumner, Vonnie Portratz, Ian Portratz, Anna Portratz, Terry Starr, Hayley Coyne, Penny Pond, Janet Caress, Steve Caress, Mr and Mrs M. Veasey, Mr P. Veasey, Helen Mussen and John Carrs.

Other mourners included: Steve Moore, Mrs E. Loosemoore, Shirley Lehair, Mrs Lawrence, June Doughty, Mr and Mrs Short, Freda Bond, Maureen Coe, Ada Parker, Jim Parker, Dora Kettle, Deborah Blant, Lou Davis, Nellie Robinson, Rachel Wakeley, Ivor Wakeley, Betty Cobb, Mrs E. Somerby, Phyliss Cratchley, Mr and Mrs M. Clarke and Sue Goodes.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.