Mrs J. V. Westwood

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MRS June Veronica Westwood, of Marston, has died at home. She was 69.

The daughter of Herbert and Mary Trahearn, she was born in Smethwick, West Midlands.

She was sister to Margaret, Bill and Walter, and sister-in-law to Lynne, June and Norma, Clive and John.

She married Bill Westwood and they had five children, Spencer, James, Damon, Scott and Paula and nine grandchildren.

Mrs Westwood started her teaching career at Crocketts Lane School in Smethwick. In 1973 she moved to Marston Thorold Primary School and taught there until her retirement.

Mrs Westwood was a very creative person and enjoyed singing, art and poetry. For many years she was an active member of the Grantham Operatic Society, on and off stage.

A staunch supporter of her village community, she was a member of the village hall committee and the local history group.

The Rev L. Hall conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s Church, Marston, followed by burial there.

Family mourners included: Paula and Justin Welham, Damon, Sarah, Daniel and Myles Westwood, Spencer, Nicola and Aaron Westwood, James, Kerry, Joshua and Rebecca Westwood, Scott Westwood, Margaret and Clive Weston, Anne Weston, Paul Weston and Teresa Posluszny, Emma and Kevin, Abigail and Sophia Bell, Bill and Norma Trahearn, Jennifer and Andy Hollyhead, Lynne and John Pritchard, Joanna Pritchard and David Pritchard.

Other mourners included: Alan and Pauline Hardman, Roger and Mary Giles, Krista, Graham and Ashan Giles, Ray and Lucille Chesterton, Nicholas and Michelle Gregory, Lindsey and Jasmine Pierri, Mr and Mrs Shelton, Maggie Pritchard, Alan and Sue Tresadern, Trevor and Sandra Goodale, Colin and Sandra White, Monica Duke-Evans, Margaret Davies, Roy and Sue Coleman, Pauline Whiting, Helen Gray, Les and Jane Richardson, Karl Viles, Jack Wood, Bill and Rosemary Betts, Shirley and Andy Watson, Mr and Mrs Butler, Pamela Broughton, Vicki Strawson, Angela Parsons, Simon Brown, Caroline and Victoria Brown, John Crozier and Pat Crozier, Faith Ballaam, Ruth and Karl Ballaam, Sybil Howard, Beryl Drury, Brent and Julie Richardson, Daniella Richardson, Josh Richardson, Richard and Janet Orrey, Nigel and Beryl Patchett, Alistair Ross, Alan and Ann and Kerry Crowson, Lisa Wright, Mrs Beale, Douglas and Mavis Pearman, Pete and Val Bowes, Peter, Ann and Harriet Fox, Mr and Mrs De Giorgio, David Hoyes, Chris and Graeme Butt, Janet Horton, Dr Pullinger, Clare, Alice and James Pullinger, Ann Gorcott, Patricia Pope, Pam and John Down, Carol Telford, Stephanie Bishop, Jackie Brooks, Kerry Ablewhite, Jo Foister, Cheryl Chadwick, Jan Chadwick, John Jackson, John Bailey, Doreen and Andy Chapman, Geoff and Carole Harris, Pam and David Leamy, Sandra Gray, Catherine Barker, Wendy MacPhearson, Mike Hammond, Mel Sinnot, Alan Fiddyment, Margaret Skeet, Ann Drury, Val Pearson, Paula Gray, Nathan and Agnes Welham, Barrie and Aileen Welham, Mr and Mrs Eaton, Pamela Whiting, Claire Garrett, Fleur Taylor, Karen Rawson, Liz O’Nions, Mr and Mrs R. Woolley, Carol and Graham Marson, Catherine Barnes, Mark and Sam Barnes, Karen Cannon, Mr and Mrs Scott, Hazel Tebb, Mrs M. Hides, Mrs S. Hides, Susie Mathieson, Jan Marshall and Sue Pykett.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.