Mrs M. A. Green

Obit - GREEN
Obit - GREEN
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MRS Margaret Adelaide Green, of Queensway, Grantham, has died at home. She was 88.

Born in Grantham in 1924, she was the daughter of Sidney and Martha Carrington. She lived with her parents at the Norton Arms public house in Norton Street, Grantham, along with her four brothers and three sisters.

She married Lionel Green and they had four children, Angela, Sylvia, Pamela and Trevor. Twelve grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren followed.

Mrs Green worked at the Norton Arms and then Templeman’s bakery in Wharf Road for 16 years.

She liked to play bingo and enjoyed watching the soaps on television. Her other interests were gardening, knitting, outings to Skegness and spending time with her family.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Angela Railton, Colin Railton, Sylvia Blackburn, Keith Hudson, Pamela De’ath, Steve De’ath, Trevor Green, Linda Patterson, Scott Railton, Natalie Railton, Daniel and Louise De’ath, Katrina Blackburn, Phil Harvey, Kirsty and Carl Leonard, Kelly Green, Damien Midgley, Marc De’ath, Charlotte Green, Dawn Churchman, Adam Turgoose, Stuart De’ath, Luke Green, Jade Railton, Jasmin Railton and Caiden Railton.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Patterson, Annette Harby, Clare Harby, Sarah McDonald, Norman and Sandra Auckland, Brian Harby, Mr C. Clements, Mrs T. Short, Miss L. Short, Barry and Carole Lane, Anita Yates, Mr and Mrs P. Ballaam, Kim Roberts, Mr and Mrs B. Feiven, Val Johnstone, Bill Marshall, Angela Bentley, Tony De’ath, Faith and Carl Ballaam, Hazel and George Fowler, Dawn Whiteside, Sharon Baker, Mr Kirk, Mr Brandreth, Drew Lane, Mark Henson, Joan Robinson, Pat Wallace, Mr and Mrs A. Taylor, Derek Elston, Joyce Templeton, Eddie Compton, Valerie Cooper, Kim Parker, Joby Weavers, Peter Railton, Lee and Jayne Ballaam, Kevin Fowler, Mark Scott, Rhona Carrington, Melvyn Carrington, Diane Jones, Hank Jones, Karen Foster, Sophie Jones, and Ryan Jones.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Hlland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for St Barnabas nurses.