Mrs M. Coupland

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MRS Margaret Coupland, of Great Close, South Witham, has died at home. She was 69.

Born in Easton, near Grantham, the family moved to Honey Pot Lane, where they lived on a smallholding until she was 14. They then moved to South Witham.

She met and later married Claude and went on to have a large family.

Her working life started when she joined her father to work on the land. She then worked in the canteen at PAS in Easton.

Mrs Coupland enjoyed cooking.

The funeral service was held at St John the Baptist Church, South Witham, conducted by Crystal Medcalf. Burial followed in South Witham churchyard.

Family mourners included: Sylvia Wing, Melvin Wing, Shaun Coupland, Mandy Coupland, Peter Coupland, Tina Coupland, Neville Coupland, Kaye Coupland, Neil Coupland, Ian Coupland, Judy Coupland, Teresa Giddy, Darren Giddy, Gavsta Wing, Faye Nicholls, Maggie Wing, Lexi Mae Wing, Kelly Newland, Craig Newland, Matthew and Peter Coupland, Natasha Coupland and Vinnie Ball, Shelley Coupland, Natalie Selby, Mark Selby, Gary Leonard, Charlotte Cantwell, Kerry Coupland, Shane Coupland and Sam, Daniel Coupland, Selina Coupland, Joseph Forster, Alison Leonard, Darren Coupland, Amanda Coupland, James and Stacey Coupland, Aimee Coupland, Janice Cunnington, Janet Leonard, Steve Leonard, Carl Leonard, Kirsty Leonard, Christopher Coupland, Tony Dawson, Jamie Coupland, Katie Coupland, Tyrone Howe, Liam Langton, Paul Coupland and Lisa Coupland.

Other mourners included: Gary Carroll, David Diddy Chivers, George Chivers, Lorraine Brown, Vanessa Chivers, Nigel Mews, Lee Mews, Beky Christian, Michael Clarke, David Huddlestone, Ella and Roy Bateson, Albert White, Tim Smith, Donna Smith, Kevin Moore, Michael Moore, Lenny Cooke, Mark Howe, Julie Howe, Debbie Burton, Jack Burton, Jane Nichols, Cindy Giddy, Nicola Medcalf, Joe Moore, Carole Knight, Robert Summner, Margaret Summner, Bob and Jean, Peter Chappell, Kirsten Selby and Rob Sanders.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland Funeral Directors, London Road, Grantham.