Mrs M. I. White

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MRS Margaret Iris White, of Water Lane, South Witham, has died in Chandos House, Grantham. She was 86.

Mrs White was born in Leicester.

She met her future husband, Albert, when she joined the Land Army and moved to Rutland. They married and went on to have five children and 10 grandchildren, of whom she was very proud.

Her interests included painting and going on holidays, especially in the touring caravan. She also enjoyed spending time with her family.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by the Rev Tom Broadbent.

Family mourners included: Albert, Albert and Margaret, Jennifer and Malcolm, Margaret and Lester, Michael, Michelle and Jasmine, Christopher, Dianne and Ellie, Megan and Keiron, Shauna, Allen and Paige, Victoria and Matthew, Charlotte and Justin, Gemma, Leon and Gracie.

Other mourners included: Colin and Susan Davis, Sheila and Ted Clarke, Mr Ewart (Pip), Mr and Mrs J. C. Clarke, Mr and Mrs Dowling, Mr and Mrs Andrews, Mrs Tricia Maxwell, Sam Tyler, Mr and Mrs P. Grimes, Alan and June Curtis, Steven and Eira White, John Keech, Susan Metcalfe, Des and Carol Bland, Bill Briggs Price, Mr and Mrs V. Michelle, Wendy Haynes, Margaret Bellamy, Chris Metcalf, Roy and Ann Bentham, Mr and Mrs George Wing, Katherine Hodgkin, James Hodgkin, Mr and Mrs Russell, Wendy Hemstock, Mike Booker, Darren Hudson, Ellie White, Katie Adamson, Collette Adamson, Jennifer Keech, Gillian Baines, Garth and Sheila Robertshaw, Clive and Fran Tyler, Jemma Garrett, Leon Leeson, Mr W. Jackson, Mr E. Cooper, Patricia Askew, Miss Kate Young, Mr R. Young, Mrs S. Young, Paul and Kate Lamyman, Mrs C. Selby, Jen Taylor, Peter and Jo Pattison, Marion Porter (Adams), Steve and Kay Crompton, Robert Geeson, George Geeson, Mrs Jo Burrows, Richard Burrows, Betty Hodgkins, Mr Briggs, Peter Jackson, Miles Hardy, Jean Frankland, Mark Howe, Shaun Coopeland, Patricia Duffin, Derek Rouse, Noel and Shirley Simms, Diane White, Kiernan White, Lester Garrett, Bernard Bull and Adrian and Julie Whitcomb.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations were received for Chandos House, Grantham.