Mrs M. K. C. Orchard

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MRS Margaret Kathleen Charlotte Orchard, of Plungar, has died in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. She was 89.

Born in Netherfield, Nottinghamshire, she was an only child.

In 1942 she married Wilfred Orchard at St Paul’s Church, Carlton. She leaves two daughters Suzanne and Jane, 10 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchidlren.

Mrs Orchard trained as a shorthand-typist and she worked for Challands Ross in Nottingham. She was then employed at the British Sugar Corporation in Colwick, prior to her marriage and for the duration of the Second World War, until starting her family in 1946.

She later held various secretarial posts but after moving to Redmile, she worked for William Roberts Builders in Bottesford for many years. Her last job was at Burnett’s in Basford, Nottingham, until her retirement in 1975.

Her interests included sewing, knitting, flower arranging, reading and listening to music. She was a member of the WI, Mothers’ Union, Probus and U3A Choir. She also enjoyed playing whist.

The funeral service was held at St Helen’s Church, Plungar, conducted by the Rev Frederick Connell.

Family mourners included: David and Suzanne Hoare, David and Jane Kirk, Andrew, Nora, Mark and Amelia Kirk, Paul Worthington, Wayne and Lindsay Musson, Rachel Dewsbury, Connor Saunders, Nicholas, Jessica and Megan Dewsbury, Debbie Tomlinson, Marianne Dewsbury and Greg Chambers, Darren and Joanna Oldroyd, Sarah Hayes, Melanie Hoare and Chris Turner, Kate Hoare, Amy Hoare, Kathleen Tapley, Andrea Fryatt and Roger and Jill Bacon.

Other mourners included: Nuala Gray, Ruth King, Birgit Dean, Doreen Wainwright, Patricia Pickworth, Patricia Honey, Denys Cave, Marion and Bob Cole, Mr and Mrs T. Chamberlin, John and Rosemary Cranswick, Stanley Birch, Gwyneth Tivey, J. Carne, K. Carne, Eileen Scarborough, F. Dunwell, Pat Bassett, Freda Stanley, George Tinkley, Jane Wombwell, Doria and Aubrey Pear, Philida Cross, Sylvia Higham, Barbara Kemp, Pauline Poyser, Doreen Bussens, Richard and Vicky Umbers and Molly, Alan Reed, Barbara Crossland, Barbara Baxter, Mary Morley, Muriel Cooke, Mrs E. Taylor, Margaret Rhodes, Nora Parkin, Hazel Rogers, Jane Thompson, Mary Moulds, Margaret Harmon, John Bartlett, Dennis and Joan Kirk, Megan Merrick, Elizabeth Newton, Richard, Pearl White, Reg and Eileen Boyce, Sharon Wilson and Malcolm, Graham and Kathy Kirk, Eileen Marriott, Betty Moulds, Elaine Pell, Mr D. Welbourn and Margaret Rupp.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for Plungar Church chancel roof amount to £376 to date.