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Obit - Foster
Obit - Foster
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MRS Nancy Foster, of Chancy House, Harrowby, has died in Chandos House Care Home, Grantham. She was 94.

She was born near Louth, Lincolnshire in 1917.

In 1952 she married Charlie and they had two daughters, Carole and Pamela, later followed by two grandsons, Christopher and Richard and one granddaughter by marriage, Karen.

Mrs Foster had been a member of the WAAF. She went on to work with horses and latterly she worked on a horticultural farm, helping to grow flowers.

Mrs Foster enjoyed dog walking, racing, hunting and a game of Scrabble.

The Rev Andrew Jablonski conducted the funeral service at St John the Baptist Church, Londonthorpe. Burial followed.

Family mourners included: Pam Foster, Carole Buck, Joe Ablewhite, Fred McQuade, Christopher Jarman, Lisa Jarman, David Bottrell, Gerald and Anne Botterill, Jill Scarborough, Kate Howbrook, The Jarman family, Murphy, and Joan Foster.

Other mourners included: Graham Copley, Barbara Copley, John Lymbury, Elizabeth Udo, Betty Felgate, Pat and Stephen Manchester, Frances Dean, Maisie Culpin, Ruth Scott, Lorna Rapley, Phillip Rowbotham, Carole Wainwright, Louise Bern, David Balding, Ann Atkin, Annette Foley-Craigen, Terry Claxton, Joan Foster, Tim Hall-Watson, Flora Skinn, Nina Caan, Evie Gill, Ron Tyler, Rebecca Warren, Kathleen Childs, Emma Watchorn, Julie Nicholls, Margaret, Bob Taylor, Mr and Mrs Storey, Hazel and Robert Packham, Ian McIver and Jill Moubarak, Brian and Nancy Breasley, Mrs Hayes, Tim and Caroline Ridley-Thompson, Mr and Mrs Stuart Atkins, Michael and Jill Baggaley, Billy McNeish, Barbara Walefield, Les Tindale, John Truesdale and Janet and Dennis Manton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.