Mrs O. Cooper

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MRS Olive Cooper, a resident of Angel Court, Ancaster, Lincolnshire, for 18 years, has died in Green Acres Residential Home, Heckington. She was 80.

Born in Nottingham, in June 1931, she was the daughter of Edward and Ellen Blackmore. She had two brothers, David and Stephen and a sister, Jennifer.

At school she was very sporty, enjoying athletics, and became the high jump champion. She also achieved her elementary and intermediate life saving certificates in 1946.

On leaving school she began her working life at Wardles, of Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, where she worked as a blouse cutter until 1948. Subsequently she worked as a ‘clippy’ on the buses, where she met her future husband, John. They were married in May 1952.

She and her husband enjoyed dancing at The Palais and The Commodore in Nottingham, and later became stewards at the Highbury Vale Social Club, Bulwell.

The couple had four children, Christine, Anne, Andrew and Karen, later followed by 10 grandchildren.

The family moved to Byards Leap Cafe, Lincolnshire, in 1968 and to Ancaster in 1973. The couple then remained in Ancaster.

Mrs Cooper worked at BMARC in Grantham, until she suffered the first of two strokes in 1983.

Her husband died suddenly in 1993 and Mrs Cooper then moved to Angel Court, Ancaster.

She enjoyed shopping, visiting garden centres, going to see musicals and concerts, eating out and attending the Monday Club and coffee mornings at Angel Court. Mrs Cooper loved all things Royal.

Her family meant everything to her and she loved family gatherings, the last one being the celebration of her 80th birthday.

As her health declined, she moved to Green Acres at the beginning of January, where she settled in well.

Despite her disabilities, she was always smiling and appreciated everything in life.

The funeral service was held at St Martin’s Church, Ancaster, conducted by the Rev Alan Littlewood. Burial followed in Ancaster cemetery.

Family mourners included: Christine Leverton, Peter Leam, Anne and David Baxter, Andrew and Val Cooper, Karen and Christopher Pashley, Edward, Shara, Alec, Adam, Kirsty, Beth, Courtney, Leonie, Charlotte and Oliver, Mrs B. Blackmore, Lynda Parkin, Jennifer, Paul and Scott Harrison, Stephen and Rosina Whitmore, Grenville and Sue Cope, Melanie Allen and Vicky Cartwright, Janice, Tim and Laura Jones and Henry Clarke.

Other mourners included: Joe Glasper, Alison Cowie, Lynne Murray, Mr and Mrs W. Berridge, Neil and Sue Baxter, Alan Baxter, Gillian Hotchen, Angela Horton, Betty and Clarrie Pashley, Merryl Day, Carole Archer, Alison Bristow, Richard and Sally Leverton, Kim Witherden, Maggy Holbourn, Angela Pykett, John Norris and Sue Davey.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations to be divided between The Stroke Association and ‘Spriteleys’ amount to £157 to date.