Mrs O. Rose

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MRS Olivia Rose, of Birchwood Retirement Home, Dudley Road, Grantham, has died there. She was 84.

Mrs Rose was born in Scunthorpe.

She leaves her husband, Derek, sons, Roger, Robin, Rodney and Peter and 10 grandchildren.

In 1957 she married Derek and the family moved around the county following her husband’s profession, before settling in Grantham in 1978.

Her first job was in the theatre, where she began her singing career. Later on she was well known locally for her psychic work, where she helped many people with issues in relation to this. Her psychic work had been recognised in several newspapers and she had assisted with research at Edinburgh University.

She was a committed Christian and spent her life caring for her family.

Mrs Rose enjoyed taking walks with her husband and their dogs and also enjoyed holidays spent in England and abroad.

The funeral service was held in St John’s Church, Manthorpe, conducted by the Rev Jill Potts. Burial followed in Manthorpe cemetery.

Family mourners included: Derek Rose, Rod Rose, Tracey Senescall, Peter Rose, Cheryl Rose, Charlotte Rose, Devon Rose, Harriet Rose, James Rose, Laurence Rose, Laura Senescall, Hannah Senescall and Madge Smith.

Other mourners included: Dave and Doris Rose, Joanne and Darren Rose, Lynda Wesson, Pat and John Gascoyne, Chris Dunmore, Natasha Dickinson, Pat Lappage, Mary Smith and Stephen Twell.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Alzheimer’s Society.