Mrs P. A. Kellett

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MRS Pamela Ann Kellett, of High Street, Harlaxton, has died in Nottingham City Hospital. She was 53.

She was born in Bradford and leaves two sisters Glynis Wayling and Sandra Haste and daughter Amy Kellett.

She had worked as a staff nurse and an administrator.

Her interests included cooking, walking, music, socialising with friends and family, her dog and eating out and meeting for coffee.

The funeral service was held at St Mary and St Peter’s Church, Harlaxton. Burial followed.

Family mourners included: Amy Kellett, Wade Rowlett, Leighton Dwyer, Amaron Dwyer, Sandra Haste, Peter Haste, Jonathan Haste, Rachel Hunt, Darren Hunt, Max Hunt, Jude Hunt, Glyn Wayling, Ben Wayling, Daniel Wayling, Amanda Grimshaw, Seamus Leech and Jake Leech.

Other mourners included: Lucy Heathershaw, Carly Sale, Nikki Walker, Emma Cooper, Hannah Spratley, Mark Baker, Terry Pexton, Graham Herbert, Lin Johnstone, Claire Watson, Martin Radford, Mr and Mrs P. J. Dwyer, Sally Scarborough, Ged McKnight, Simon and Paula Caunt, Mr and Mrs Hickinbotham, William and Sasha McIntosh, Vera and Paul Tyler, Michelle Taylor, Paula Hirst and Gill Shipman, Roger and Adam Buhryn, Paul and Vanessa Bridge, Norma and Brenda Curran, Alastair and Kerry Hawken, June Morley, Ian Rowlett, Reid Rowlett, Melanie Brittain, Jim Kellett, Janet Mellor, Steven Mellor, Andrew Mellor, Sandra Horner, Ian and Gillian Patchett, Miles Green, Tim Radley, Lou Bounett, Trudy Hanson, Jerry Hanson, Olie Hanson, Nina Ramsden, David Ramsden, Michael and Maureen Haste, Prafol Patel, Maralyn Lill, Justin Lill, Chris Watchorn, Rachel and Simon Chapman, Val Twigg, Matt Swindells, Andrew Mayfield, Elaine Mayfield, Adam Draper, Katie Draper, Elaine Gurney, Alison Wells, Ami Parker, Keith and Diane Clarke, Wilf and Linda Mason, Paul Foster, Martin Sneesby, Paul and Jane Green, Martin and Tracy Dalton, Sylvia and Chris Cranfield, Stephanie Baker, Martin Newcombe, Christine Newcombe, June and Kenny Wheeler, Pip and Sally Watkin, Tricia Storer, Phillip Atherton, Sue Ellis, Len Doree, Kathryn Stafford, Sally Smith, Thelma and Peter Montague, Alison Rowarth, Paula Ward, Jane Cowley,

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the NSPCC.