Mrs P. D. Crabtree

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MRS Patricia Diana Crabtree, of Woolsthorpe Road, Colsterworth, has died at Grantham Hospital. She was 64.

Born in Colsterworth, she was the third child of George and Doreen Atter. Sister to Alan, Donald, Les, John, Ian and Yvonne.

She married Ron Crabtree in 1968 and they had two children, daughter Debbie and son Andrew. She was Grandmother to Bradley and Dion.

Mrs Crabtree worked at Corah’s Knicker Factory, as well as Colsterworth Poultry Company and Christian Salvesens until early retirement.

She enjoyed being around her family and her pet dog, Daisy. She took great pride in her garden and loved seeing birds enjoy it as much as she did. Mrs Crabtree was also a regular bingo player with Gloria, her friend for over 40 years.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at St John the Baptist Church in Colsterworth.

Family mourners included: Mr Ron Crabtree, Mrs Debbie Dexter, Mr Graham Dexter, Bradley and Dion, Donald and Angie Atter, John Atter and Jane, Colin and Silvia, Les Atter and Jo, Yvonne and David Driver, Rachel, Ian and Kathy Atter, Robert and Laura, James and Jacqueline, Jen Crabtree rep. Reg Crabtree, Tony Bailey, Louise and Alison, Tom and Hazel Slater, Paul and Simon, Colin and Lynda Slater, Suzanne, Stuart and Bernie, Steven and Claire.

Other mourners included: Mrs Kaye Coupland rep. Mr Nev Coupland, Ron and Wendy Frisby, Alison Hemstock, Tony De’ath, Mrs Margaret Hotchin, Jackie Flack, John Robotham, Malcolm and Rosemary Barker, George and Pauline Warren, Mrs Win Done, Mr Roy Done, Mrs Pamela Charles, Ray and Peggy Taylor rep. Richard Taylor, Sonia Scott, Fred and Shirley Atter, Jenny Brown, Roy Veasey, Michael Needham rep. Mr and Mrs Gardiner, Kim Needham, Mrs E. Husband, Mr and Mrs B Selby, Alan Taylor, Gloria Caudwell, Brian Caudwell, Bob Hall, Chris Dexter, Betty Neal, Alan Footit, Judy Page, Jean Dexter, Nigel Dexter, Mr and Mrs J and P Hempsall, Mr and Mrs Hazelwood, Geoff Robotham, Brian and Christine Leuty, Mr and Mrs D Clapton, Jane Martin, Betty and Les Hodson, Mrs Wendy Atter Rep. Mr Clive Atter and Colin and Alison Atter, Mrs P Jackson, Mr W Jackson, Mr and Mrs B Grosse, Tom Atter, Mr Andrew Matusiak, Rose Lee, Melvin Wood, Andrew Wood, Paula Newton, Joan Cliff, Philip Beal, Simon Caudwell, Patricia Topley, Audrey Wheatley, Julie Allen rep. Ann Wild, Ivy Cole, Margaret Garrett, Stuart Dexter, Mr and Mrs M Norton, Alan Featherstone, Marilyn and Graham Henton, Harold Martin, Vince and Sheila Mitchell, Jordan, Jason and Karen Grosse, Peter Bennett, Sadie Hall, Tracey Hall, Martin Dexter, Pauline Dexter, Mr and Mrs B Dexter, Mr and Mrs A Walker, Nigel Mowat, Mrs Rosemary Green, Mrs Pam Mapletoft rep. Dean Blackmore, Mr and Mrs Bill Senescall, Ruth and Derrick Atter, Chris Chadwick, Wendy Vickers rep. The Co-op, Sandra Turpie, Bob Carder, Jo Carder, Robert Sowerby, Ian Vickers, Karen Harvey, Pamela Jackson, Dave Smith rep. Madeline and Smudge, Nora and Alek Zachowicz.

Funeral arrangements were made by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for The Willoughby Special Needs School, Bourne.