Mrs P. M. Wade

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MRS Pamela Mary Wade, of Abbey Farm, Sedgebrook, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 73.

She was born in Grantham.

The funeral service was held at St Lawrence Church, Sedgebrook, conducted by the Rev Stuart Hadley.

Family mourners included: Geoff Wade, Susanna Wade, Nick and Samantha Wade, Peter and Jill Chandler, Graham and Ann Wade, Julia and Mark Norsworthy, Debbie and Valery Kharlamov, Lisa Thompson, Penny Whitbread, Dr R. Whitbread, Tim and Victoria Wade, and Chris and Annabel Seage.

Other mourners included: Harold and Beryl Copley, Colin and Melita Copley and family, Clive Milkins, Bill and Jen Lawis, Tom Lord, Juliet Atherton, Angela and Ian Burgin, John and Rita Scorror, Rachael and Andy Green, Andrew and Karen Chandler, Miles Hardy, Ian and Joan Norris, David Colton, Christine Colton, Peter and Katie Wilmer, Ian and Shirley Smith, Ann and Billy McNeish, Jil, David and Claire Storer, Douglas Robinson, Lisa Robinson, Sean and Francesca Robinson, Peter and Jackie Simpson, Eddie and Val Hopkins, Malcolm and Janet Wood, Roger and Heather Selby, Barry and Olive Nicholls, David Mahoney, Peter and Joyce Wadsworth, Audrey Smith, Peter and Elizabeth Clarke, Alan Geeson, Jackie Brooks, George and Cherry Dewey, Joan Beale, Penny Barnes, Russ Green, Graham King, Jean Bowes, Mr and Mrs P. Sheardown, Julie Hill, Mr and Mrs A. Houghton, Murray and Mavis Arnold, Beverley Myers, Lynne Robson, Alan and Shirley Mallett, Simon Caswell, Betty Bascombe, Gaynor McKay, Mike Hubbard, Richard Allen, Richard Nelson, Simon Jackson, Claire Fraser, Roger and Sheila Fox, Elizabeth Parker, Lisa Thompson, Jon Thompson, Caroline Edwards, the Hon James Ogilvy, Johnathon Broughton, Sally Broughton, James Broughton, Christine Todd, Joan Todd, Geoff Rees, Stephen Jeal,, Brian Glover, Angie and Alan Cox, Florence and Sandy Lamb, Stephen and Karen Loomes, Charles Lawis, Maureen Wright, Richard and Jennifer Harris, Jean Norris, Richard Lord, Joy and Michael Taylor, Dan and June Stansfield, Alan and Barbara Limb, Pam Somerville, Margaret Swann, David Cromie, Rita Wood, Ruth Savona, Barbara Money, Mr and Mrs T. Wade, Patsy Holmes, Paul Fox, Mr and Mrs P. Fox, Eva Nullis, Elizabeth and Michael Miller, Betty Kerr, Annette Goldsmith, Andrew and Gill Mitchell, Des and Jane McKenna, David Chandler, Muriel and Pamela Harrison, Mary Haines, Margaret Johnson, Val and Joan Page, Clare Bell, Jill Gates, Andrew Heskin, Mr and Mrs C. Whyles, Doug and Rachael Gasgoine, Peter and Isobel Barnett, Derrick and Sheila Smith, Amanda Gee, Mr and Mrs D. Broughton, Graham Smith, Christopher and Helen Bradley, Jill Lewis, John Lord, Sally Thompson, Francesca Watson, Christine Hicks, Tracey Arnold, Tim Collington, Elaine Bedford, Pauline Seago, Anne and Bryan Slater, Clare Burrows, Jackie Lord, Henry Lord, Eileen Hardcastle, Mrs Statham, Bob and Sally Skelton, Mr and Mrs R. Skelton, Mr and Mrs P. Speakman, Pru Chandler, Frances Watkins, Arthur and Margaret Combridge, Mollie Buck, Malcolm and Janet Wood, Ray and Maureen Durant, Peggy O’Callahan, Velma Bachelor, Barry Ablewhite, Helen Graham, Andrew Watkin, Rosemary and John Godfrey, Lisa and Ernie Farren, Mr and Mrs W. Skelton, Mrs J. Wadsworth, Peter Wadsworth, Silvia Parker, Jane Owen, Janet Pulfrey, Eileen Ross, James and Angela Hardstaff, Sheila Brownlow, Pauline Brownlow, Peter and Dee White, Denise Field, Barbara Jones, Mike Chatterton, Anne Chatterton, Helen Taylor, David Taylor, Karen Wallace, Bruce Wallace, Rosemary Moore, Sally Tinkler, Paul Meredith, Ian Tyler, Susan Santos, Robert Donger, Louise Huson, Bridget Douglas, Alex Bott, Jane Denton, Kate Preece, Claire Knowles, Guy Porter, Corinne Irving, Mark Chatterton, Jarred Wright, Jeremy and Alison Sheldon, Monica Timson, Anne Frobisher, Ian McKay, Kate and John Pike, Neil and Emily Farrin, Roger Spiby, Mr Carnell, Elisabeth Carnell, Bruce and Angela Tapson, Keith and Lianne Tapson and family, Margaret Ashley, Dick Kelham, Eileeen Kelham and B. G. Peacock.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Cancer Research UK and Grantham St Barnabas Hospice.