Mrs R. Goodale

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MRS Ruby Goodale (nee Sargent), of Castlegate House Rest Home, Grantham, has died there. She was 91.

Born in Grantham, she attended Spitalgate School, followed by the Girls’ Central School. She had passed her exam for the girls’ grammar school, but her family could not afford for her to go.

She met George when she was 15 and they were later married and went on to have two children, Shirley and Trevor. She and George were together for 60 years until she was widowed.

Her first job was on the telephone exchange at Grantham Hospital. She then worked as a secretary at Foster’s Builders until leaving to have her first child. Later she worked at Gilberts Biochemical Centre.

She moved to Cornwall when her husband obtained a position there, and for several years she did casual work, picking daffodils.

Mrs Goodale enjoyed knitting, decoupage, Pergamano parchment craft, and running a Friendship Club. She also went to evening classes where she made a wooden cupboard and an iron plant stand.

Her main interest was her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and her family meant everything to her.

The funeral service was held at Harrowby Lane Methodist Church, Grantham, conducted by Denise Bulless.

Family mourners included: Trevor and Sandra Goodale, Shirley Byrne and Ian Jennings, Margery Sargent, Margaret Lowey, Mark Goodale and Glyn Jeffries, Gavin and Debbie Goodale, Bryan Goodale and Marie Horner and Karmon Hawley.

Other mourners included: Joan Twist, Ann Wilcock, Jeanie Baxter, Bill and Doris Evans, Mr and Mrs Mattinson, Elisabeth Timms, Barry Philpotts, Janet Turner, Mrs Towning, Margaret Sentance, Christine Childs, Trisha Slieght, Mrs Harrison, Angela Rudkin, Monica Carrington, Carol Grimshaw, Chris Glencross, David and Lorraine Jones, Sandra and Colin White, and Terry Cook.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Age UK.