Mrs V. E. Crowe

Obit - CROWE
Obit - CROWE
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MRS Valerie Eleanor Crowe, of Westminster Way, Grantham, has died at home. She was 73.

She was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, in 1939.

Married to Howard, she has two children, James and Suzanne and four grandchildren.

Mrs Crowe was a shorthand typist in Leicestershire, before moving to the Wirral, where she helped run a post office with her husband. Before she retired she was secretary to her husband when he was Town Clerk in Birtley, County Durham.

She and her husband retired to Grantham, where she joined the WI and The Elsham Singers, becoming secretary. She was also secretary of the Grantham Luncheon Club and a volunteer at Grantham League of Friends charity shop at Grantham Hospital.

The Rev Peter Sulston conducted the funeral service at ChristChurch Methodist Church, Finkin Street, Grantham. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Howard Crowe, Mr and Mrs J. Lesser, Mrs S. Cammies, Mr W. Watters, Mr and Mrs A. Hodder, Mrs H. Bowring, Charlotte and Jordan Lesser, Aidan and Scott Cammies, Mr and Mrs S. Orton, Daniel and Amy Orton, Mrs F. Stocks, Kieran Stocks, Mr A. Davies, Mr and Mrs S. Hodder, Mr and Mrs D. Hodder, Harry and Tom Hodder, Mr and Mrs B. Sanderson, Mr and Mrs E. Parkes, and Mrs J. Winchester.

Other mourners included: Margaret Johnson, Dora Anderton, Nancy McLiernon, Nancy Saunby, Mr and Mrs Clutterbuck, Betty Thompson, Susan Sulston, Alison Turner, Cynthia Turner, Joan Twist, Eunice Bursnall, Elisabeth Holmes, Joy Fullick, Mr and Mrs S. Snowball, Wyn Paddock, Gordon Paul, Patricia Baker, Jurgen Matussek, Ernie Patrick, Ronald Beesley, Ernie Clayton, Michael Hammond, Mr and Mrs A. Harley, Margaret Ashley, Mark Cammies, Elaine Wilsford, June Warren, Mr and Mrs L. Brittain, Raymond Burridge, Mr and Mrs E. Smith, Sarah Parrott, Samantha Watters, Gerald Necklen, Mr and Mrs P. Berry, Rebecca Mill, Mr and Mrs H. Allard, Mr and Mrs Moulton, Daniel Moulton, Mr and Mrs C. Roberts, Cilla Palul, Rosemary Harrison, Pam Watson, Greta Stratford, Mavis Condor, Kathleen Gostik, Robin Brittain, Mary Hammond, Mr and Mrs A. Jones, Dawn Folmer, Shelly Flanagan, Gary Phillips, Mr and Mrs B. Hayton, Heather Wright, Clare Hemming, Mrs D. Olive, Mrs M. King, Mr and Mrs B. Goodchild, Mr and Mrs K. Smith, Audrey Corthorn, Mr and Mrs P. Lee, Vivienne Oliver, Coral Nicholson-Rands, Mel Jones, Francesca Hoyes, David Lesser, Pam Campbell, Lorraine Jones, Denise Field, Shirley Smith, Mr and Mrs C. Jones and Louise Hudson.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for St Barnabas Hospice and The League of Friends at Grantham Hospital.