Mrs W. M. Dobney

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MRS Winifred May Dobney, of St Alban’s Close, Grantham, has died in Newton House Nursing Home, Grantham. She was 83.

Born in Harrow Street, Grantham, she was the youngest daughter of Frank and Florence Woods.

While working at Melias, Grantham, she met her future husband, Jack Dobney. She then became a farmers wife at Laurel Farm, Walcot, and then kept the Barge Hotel in Swineshead. On returning to Grantham, she worked for several local companies including Grantham Electrical, Wallworks, Eddisons, Ellis and Everard and Jackson Shipley.

Mrs Dobney was a governor of Pickworth School; president of the WI, attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace; a member of Grantham Townswomen’s Guild, and a member of Grantham Indoor Bowls Club, where she won the ladies pairs with Joyce Bailey.

The funeral service was held at St John’s Church, Spitalgate, Grantham, conducted by the Rev Nicky Marshall. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Jack Dobney, Jackie and Geoff Overton, Judith and Stuart Cross, David and Emma Overton, Lindsey Wright, Jonathon Eley and Emma Cross.

Other mourners included: Mr N. Baxter, Hazel and John Housley, Joan Kirby, Mavis Palmer, Mr and Mrs B. Goodchild, Evelyn and Chris Tuckwood, Rita Baxter, Margaret Edgley, Jim Doran, Ruth Murphy, George and Pat Pearson, Judy and John Morris, Mr Hutchinson, May Sinclair, Alma Walton, David Rainsford, Doreen and David Lister, Jean and Harry Smith, June and Paddy Rigby, Lionel and Pat Royce, Mrs C. Musgrave, Sharon Coverley, Pauline Palmer, Mrs J. Clarke, Marie Rawdon, Jackie Plumtree, Mr and Mrs D. Foster, Mr and Mrs Baker, Paul Woods, Rex and Liz Humphrey, David and Jane Wells, Bette Whittle, Dennis and Chris Pridmore, Ruth Pacey, Mr J. A. Dobney, Mary Pointon, Derrick and Hazel Dodds, Frank Evans, Peter and Audrey Weston, Mrs N. Harry, Jane Robinson, John Wilkinson, Maurice Snowball, Hilda Whatley, Roger Turnbull, Diane Walters, Jenny Geeson, Peter and Elaine Holmes, Vera and Alan Jones, Maureen and Geoff Caunt, Ruth Redford, Sally and Peter Dunlop, Sarah Clark, Mrs M. Watson, Mr J. Watson, Emma Buchanan, Kerry Ciles, David and Denise Hill, Mr and Mrs D. Cunnington, Mr and Mrs M. A. Pawson, Berry MacDonald, David and Cynthia Dobney, Frank Wright, Lionel and Margaret Turner and Barry and Enid Jessop.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Alzheimer’s Society amount to £328.40 to date.