Mrs W. Palmer

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MRS Winifred Palmer, of Avery Lodge Care Home, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 90.

Born in Hamilton, Scotland, she moved to Mansfield Woodhouse during her childhood.

She later moved to Scunthorpe, marrying Eddie Smith, and went on to move to Grantham for work.

Mrs Palmer was widowed at a young age and had no children, however she was a well-loved aunt and befriended many.

She married Douglas, who died in 2008, and lived in Wyndham Close, Grantham.

She worked in Fisher’s butchers in Scunthorpe, moving to Grantham to work at Melias, and then Caitlins, and then at the Grantham College canteen as a cook, from which she later retired.

She loved visitors and travelling, leaving her with as superb memory for dates and places.

She is well-known in Grantham and was an extremely generous person.

She loved to visit Woody’s in Ancaster and enjoyed meals out with friends, of which she had many.

She will be missed as she was a character.

Mrs Palmer lived at Avery Lodge for the last two years.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Reverend June Rowland.

Mourners included: Ann Topps, Mary and Kevin O’Neill, Irene Wilson, Christopher Palmer, Geoff and Anita Palmer, Christopher Cave, Stephen and Lindsey Williams, Jonathan and Laura Devita, Joe Devita, Stephen Howell, Jane Broughton, Arthur and Angela Riddington, Alison Tyler, Charlotte Bradley, Jean Sharp, Garry Millar, Tony and Sandra Jefferson, Harry Short, Melvyn Bradley, Muriel Tilley, Jean Akrill, Bob and Barbara Brooks, Brian Proctor, Elizabeth Sharkey, Christopher and Lesley Smith, Mary Baxter, Michael and Eva Townsend, Bill and Janet Gent, Rita Baxter, Albert Woodward, Mr and Mrs King, Margaret Kendall, Michele, Brenda and Emma from Avery Lodge, Jack Dobney, Judith and Jacqueline Dobney, Melaney Erica Teubes, Brian Read, Marion and Colin Weightman, Paul Ross, Anne and Glyn Smith, Mark Smith, Stuart Rusk, Tracey Gell, Maurice Whincup, Mr and Mrs V J Bachelor, Malcolm and Marilyn Campbell, Steve Taylor, Carol Taylor, Adrian Forder, Margeret Dunk, Jean Doubleday and Rachel and Bryony Parker.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Amdrams (Grantham) of St Wulfram’s Church.