Ms T. J. Berry

Obit - BERRY
Obit - BERRY
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MS Tracey Jayne Berry, of Cavendish Way, Grantham, has died at home. She was 47.

Born in Grantham, she was the first child of Lewis and Judy Welham,and was the sister of Ross, Paula and Debbie.

She was a loving mother to Ebony and Lois Smith, devoted auntie to many nieces and nephews and a very devoted grandma to her precious grandson, Ollie-Jay Smith.

At the age of 16 she began work at Vine Street Surgery on a YTS scheme. She left there to join Dr John Townsend to set up what is now known as Harrowby Lane Surgery and worked as practice manager for 30 years until having to leave work when diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Ms Berry enjoyed going to the gym, running marathons, exotic holidays, shopping, walking her dogs, good food, but most of all she liked spending time with her family, friends and her grandson.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: Ebony Smith, Lois Smith, David and Debbie Kendall, Paula Musson, Wayne Musson, Judith Welham, Thomas, Elly and Harvey Kendall, Remany and Kane Musson, Katie and Marcia Welham, Ross and Txerra Welham, Phil Chesterton, Fiona and Bunt Gale and Ollie-Jay Smith.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Chesterton, Matt Chesterton, Jodie Knight, Mandy Bradley, Mr and Mrs McKee, Lynda Yildiz, Gemma Bailey, Laura Gregory, Amy Gregory, Marena Eams, Brian and Georgie Chamberlain, Kenny and Kerry Anne Chamberlain, Rebecca Wilson, David Wilson, Samantha Docherty, John Docherty, Rob King, Steve and Tracey Smith, Yvonne Wreglesworth, George and Ann Fletcher, Jean Conway, Mrs L. Holland, Liz White, Donna Bedland, Meg Chappell, Jane Raven, Hayden Batchford, Eddy and Maria Grigg, Andrew and Rachel Eurich, Sue Allen, Sally Sommer, Elise Deans, Graham and Cynthia Bennett, Martin Wells, Jill Preston, Carol Gent, Kim Wilson, Elliott Clark, Samantha King, Reanne King, Joe Drake, Rob and Sue King, Clare Whitbread, Steve Frisby, Mandy Weatherstone, Heath Hawker, Harriet Green, Leanne Hoy, Sarah Cottingham, Kelly Parsons, Hannah Wright, Debra Budley, Jeannie Bee, Sharon Clark, Christine Cragg, Chris Taylor, Mr and Mrs Dawes, Angela and Roger Dent, Sue Swann, Sallyann Gilbert, Neil and Vicki Corcoran, Nikki Walker, Jane Wheatley, Jo Allen, Tracey Fowler, John Imbriano, Anne Parker, Paul Berry, Heather Winfield, Sue Mason, Andy Wallace, Faye Storey, Nigel Curtis, Matt and Lucy Pestell, Karl Eurich, Josephine Eurich, Ben Eurich, Carole Streets, Mandy Peberdy, Karen Couth, Pam Hargreaves, Dr Martin Higgins, Eileen McLarnon, Dave and Annette Smith, Chelsea Smith, Oliver and Joanne Taylor, Mavis and Ian Frisby, Lesley Williamson, Bridget Mason, Lynne Booth, Diane Rivers, Karen Carr, Gina Ward, Lewis and Anna Leeson, Louise Wilson, Tony Corston, Katie Bagnall, Elaine Gilbert, Julie Kerr, Trudie Shelbourn, Chloe Fardell, Angela Clarke, David Newman, Lyn Charlton, Mr and Mrs Kendall, Barry and Aileen Welham, Nathan Welham, Whitney Eldred, Karine Singer, Ian and Cynthia Welham, Alison and Nick Cooke, Miranda Fowley, Mandy Renshaw, Steve and Sharon Chesterton, Charlotte and Dan Chesterton, Michael and Dawn Ryan, Jonathan and Kirsty Atkins, Emily Moore, Samantha Ballaam, Stephen West, Karen Scoley, Ian Allesbrook, Tracey Marshall, Roger Gale, David Berry, Maria Joynt, Brian and Barbara Berry, Karen Humphreys, Ann Price, Jean Bowden, Cynthia Wood, Vicki Masson, Michael Wilcox, Beverly Toon, Julie Pattison, Dean and Michelle Fardell, Pat King, Kayleigh Dickinson, Sharon Wintin, Sadie Calpin, John Giles, Maureen Dean, Maureen Taylor, Lorraine Taylor, Tracey Senescall, Sally Materek, Steve, Jennie and Kellie Carter, Nobby and Chris Clark, Elaine Mayfield, Charlotte Osborn, Ayrton Panku, Sarah Parish, Julie Beatty, Karen Brewster, Tracey Atter, Tanya Smith, Niamh Smith, Alyson Cowie, Mrs Cowie, Tracey Crossland, Claire Thorpe, Jacqueline Featherstone, Jane Feely, Sue and Ray Ellis, Sally and Andrew Mitchell, John Townsend, Debbie Chappell, Andrea Smith, Lyndsey McKee, Stephen McKee, James Stanton, Terri Welsh, Dinah Holderness, Nelson and Amber Porter, Olly Allen, Justin and Paula Welham, Tony and Edna Welham, Helen and Tony Welham, Kirsten Sorenson, June Sorenson, Amy Saggers, Jani, Vanessa, Jack Gordon, and Helen and Mark Boswell.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham. Donations for the Motor Neurone Disease Association amount to £1,600 to date.