Multiple sclerosis sufferer from Barrowby gives up treats for ChallengeMS

Mary-Jane Caithness
Mary-Jane Caithness
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A Barrowby woman with multiple sclerosis (MS) has given up treats in exchange for sponsorship to raise money for the MS Society.

Mary-Jane Caithness, 45, was diagnosed with MS in 2007. She is taking part in ‘ChallengeMS’, an annual fund-raising event run by the MS Society which aims to raise £125,000 for research during September.

Mary-Jane, who is married with two teenage daughters, Alice, 18, and Charlotte, 14, is challenging herself to give up chocolate, biscuits, sweets and cakes for the month of September to raise vital funds for MS research.

She said: “I’ve wanted to raise money for MS research for a while now but haven’t been sure what to do. I found out about ChallengeMS and it gave me the idea to give something up. I thought I would do it for the whole month and hopefully I will feel fitter and healthier whilst raising money for an important cause.

“I think I should be okay giving up sweets and chocolate as I chose to give them up for lent so I know I can go 40 days without them, but cake is going to be hard. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cake – the stickier the better, so that will be a challenge for me. My family are being supportive, but they’re still eating treats around me, but I guess that’s a good test of my willpower.”

MS Society area fund-raiser Simon Moran said: “We’re encouraging people to sign up to ChallengeMS and take on a personal challenge during September – whether you decide to quit a habit, take on a creative challenge, enter a race, or simply make a change to your daily life - the choice is yours.”

**To sponsor Mary-Jane, go to:

The MS Society is the leading UK charity for the 100,000 people living with multiple sclerosis in the UK. Symptoms of MS usually start in your 20s or 30s. The condition can get steadily worse, or remain unpredictable throughout your life – one day you can be fine, the next you might lose your sight or be unable to move.

The charity is fighting to improve treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives.

For more information and to get involved visit