Mum’s fears for son’s ashes tree in Grantham churchyard

St John's churchyard, Manthorpe.
St John's churchyard, Manthorpe.
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The mother of a boy whose ashes were scattered by a tree in St John’s churchyard in Manthorpe says she is 
horrified by the prospect of an extension to the church being built on it.

Sarah McKeegan lost her son, Marco, when he was only two hours old. His ashes were scattered by a tree in the churchyard 29 years ago. She visits the churchyard on her son’s birthday and at Christmas.

Trinkets left around the tree in the graveyard at St John's church in Manthorpe.

Trinkets left around the tree in the graveyard at St John's church in Manthorpe.

Mrs McKeegan said: “They want to take the tree down and I find that disrespectful to me and other people. I cannot believe Christians would be so disrespectful and I just think people ought to know what they are doing.”

She added: “I lost my son when he was two hours old. My mother chose Manthorpe and the tree to scatter his ashes.”

The extension to the west of the church has been proposed as a result of a £1 million bequest left to the church by a parishioner.

Most of the money will be spent on the new building with the rest used for community initiatives and some kept in reserve.

Father Stuart Cradduck, St John’s vicar, said: “We look forward to working very closely with the family to keep them appraised of our plans for enhancing St John’s in Manthorpe. At the moment these plans remain at an early stage and we hope we will be able to continue to engage with them as the project moves on.”

A public consultation event will be held on Saturday, March 25, from 10am to noon at the church for people to 
see the plans and give their views.

The new build will include a hall, vestry and toilets. It is planned to use red cedar boarding, stone and glass, with a glass partition separating it from the rest of the church.