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Grantham mother undergoing cancer treatment has said she is "proud" of her son who raised money to buy her an "amazing" wig

A mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer has thanked her son for raising money to buy a top-of-the-range wig.

Amanda Sutton, who runs Grantham business Sewing by Sue with her mother Sue and son Callum, has said she is “proud” of her son for getting her an “amazing” wig.

Callum sought to raise money for the wig to make his mum feel beautiful during her treatment as he said she was anxious at the prospect of losing her hair as a result of the chemotherapy.

Amanda Sutton in her wig having her first chemo session (43013472)
Amanda Sutton in her wig having her first chemo session (43013472)

He fund-raised by raffling off two pink NHS bears, made by Sewing by Sue. Previously, Sewing by Sue had raffled off similar bears wearing blue scrubs, raising over £500 for the NHS.

In the process, he raised over £1,000, which was enough to buy his mother a Racquel Welch wig.

Amanda said: “[My son Callum] got me the most amazing Racquel Welch wig and whenever I wear it people say ‘oh my god, it looks just like your hair!’”

“He did me proud, bless him.”

At the beginning of lockdown, Amanda was given the devastating diagnosis that she had breast cancer.

However, a few months down the line and the prognosis is looking far more positive following a successful operation.

Amanda explained: “I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy because I was diagnosed with breast cancer during lockdown.

“I’ve got nine more weekly chemos left.

“I had an operation that took the cancer away but it’s a negative form called triple negative cancer, so basically they give you chemo to mop it up.”

During her treatment, Amanda has continued to work for Sewing by Sue on their memory bears and, more recently, vibrant facemasks.

Making the masks has helped keep Amanda’s mind off her treatment.

She added: “It’s been amazing. I’ve been lucky to be able to work when I want to.”

Currently, she is making Christmas-themed masks, with designs including everything from reindeers, snowmen and Father Christmas.

Just some of the festive masks being made by Sewing by Sue (43013469)
Just some of the festive masks being made by Sewing by Sue (43013469)

Amanda continued: “Sewing by Sue has been around a couple of years and we normally make memory bears and then, during the first lockdown, the business dried up to be honest for a little while, so we started making masks.

“We’ve made hundreds of masks and then we thought, you know what, it looks like Christmas is going to be a bit sad and boring this year, so we thought we’d make [the Christmas masks] to cheer people up!”

All of the masks are made from polycotton fabric to ensure that they are washable and can therefore be used again and again.

To find out more, search for 'Sewing by Sue' on Facebook.

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