Mums demand a crackdown on dog fouling in Grantham neighbourhood

Brandishing a petition in the Shaw Road area are Jackie Smith and Emma Stockdale. 387D
Brandishing a petition in the Shaw Road area are Jackie Smith and Emma Stockdale. 387D
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Sick and tired of side-stepping piles of dog excrement, two mothers have launched a petition to show the district council that residents want more to be done.

Jackie Smith, 37, and Emma Stockdale, 30, both live in Shaw Road, Grantham, and it is this area and up to a nearby primary school which they say is more often than not covered in dog mess.

The state of the pavements has been a hot topic at the school gates of West Grantham Academy Spitalgate for some time, said Jackie and Emma. In fact, school staff have joined in the fight, by helping to create the petition and encouraging signatures.

Jackie said: “We walk to school every morning and the amount of mess outside fencing towards the school gates is awful.

“We‘re always saying to the kids ‘mind where you’re going’ and telling them not to stand in it. You get fed up with it.”

Emma added: “We’ve known children step in it and take it into the school.”

Dozens of signatures were gained at the school, with Jackie and Emma going on to knock on doors in the Shaw Road area of the Earlesfield estate to gather more. They have 184 signatures in total, and handed in the petition to South Kesteven District Council this week.

Although they agree that dog owners should be picking up after their animals, the friends believe that SKDC should be doing more, such as putting up signs warning of fines and installing bins for poop bags.

SKDC’s head of environmental services Mike Butler said the council has received no complaints of dog fouling in the Shaw Road area, adding that the environmental health team will visit the estate and “take appropriate action”.

He added: “As a responsible dog owner or walker, it is your responsibility to keep your dog under control whilst in a public place and to clean up after it.

“Dog faeces is not a pleasant sight and can lead to the spread of disease and can even cause blindness in children.

“A fixed penalty notice of £75 can be issued, under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, to anyone found letting a dog, under their control, foul in a public place and not clean up after it.”

Free dog waste bags are available at the customer service centre in Abbey Gardens, Grantham.