Museum chairman hits back following councillor’s criticism

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The chairman of Grantham Museum has hit back at criticism of the running of the museum by Labour county and district Councillor Charmaine Morgan.

Coun Morgan criticised the decision to close the museum on Sunday - a day when more than 8,000 people were visiting Grantham train station to see the Mallard.

In a blog post in response museum chairman Helen Goral criticises Coun Morgan for “spouting inaccuracies and criticism for reasons known best to herself”.

She adds: “We were unfortunately significantly quieter than a typical Saturday, primarily and understandably because visitors were either at the station seeing Mallard or at the George Centre enjoying the additional displays.

“Those visitors we did have were lost and looking for directions to both of the aforementioned locations.

“As a result, the decision was made that the museum would not open on the Sunday. It costs us money to open each day and if we cannot justify the cost versus return then I have to make that decision.

“If we fail to run the museum like a business then we become unsustainable - unfortunately, unless Ms Morgan knows something I don’t, money doesn’t grow on trees.”