Museum manager’s amazing discovery

Jayne Robb, Grantham Museum's new General Manager with Sir Isaac Newton.
Jayne Robb, Grantham Museum's new General Manager with Sir Isaac Newton.
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GRANTHAM Museum’s new general manager Jayne Robb is following in the footsteps of museum founder Henry Preston - in more ways than one.

Jayne was appointed Grantham Museum’s new general manager at the beginning of this month and immediately made a startling discover about Mr Preston, who founded the museum in 1926.

Henry Preston with his wife, Fanny.

Henry Preston with his wife, Fanny.

While looking through some old documents, she found an information sheet on museum founder Henry Preston, including a black and white photograph of Mr Preston and his wife.

Jayne said: “I was looking at the photograph and I thought: ‘that’s my dining room’.

“I read on and it says he was born and lived at 52 Cambridge Street...that’s my house! I’ve lived there for 12 years!

“I couldn’t believe it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“It’s just amazing that the woman now running the museum is living in Henry Preston’s house. You couldn’t make it up!”

Jayne was amazed to discover the coincidence but is now taking it as a sign that she was meant to help save the museum for Henry Preston and the people of Grantham.

Jayne said: “So I really think I’m picking up Henry Preston’s baton and running with it. Obviously it was meant to be.

“I still can’t get over it. When I walk in the front door now I think “hello Henry”.

“It feels like I’ve been guided to save the museum for the people of Grantham.”

As well as founding Grantham Museum, Henry Preston also helped set up what was later to become Grantham College.

Now Jayne is hoping to convince Grantham Civic Society of the importance of her home. She joked: “Let’s see if we can get a blue plaque put on my house wall.”