Museum volunteers are being trained but no date set for the re-opening

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A DATE for the re-opening of Grantham Museum has yet to be set after the facility was closed down at the end of March.

Lincolnshire County Council withdrew funding at the end of the last financial year, leaving the fate of the museum in the hands of volunteers with Grantham Community Heritage Association.

Training sessions have been held for around 40 people so far to prepare them for when they can take over the running of the museum.

However, GCHA has been frustrated in dealings with the county council which could hamper the number of future exhibitions.

Courtney Finn of Grantham Community Heritage Association said: “It looks like Grantham Museum will only have the services of a County Council collections officer for one day a week due to council budgetary restraints.

“All exhibition activities have to take place under the supervision and guidance of a collections officer to maintain accreditation.

“We are working with the county council to see what flexibility we can build because otherwise setting up new exhibitions would take forever.”

Work on funding and permission for re-decoration is on-going but there is no date for re-opening the museum.