Muzzle vicious dogs or a child will be hurt next

The labrador was attacked on Christmas Eve.
The labrador was attacked on Christmas Eve.
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I live next to the cricket pitch at Gorse Lane. I have two little Jack Russell cross-breeds, and they sit the other side of my hedge and watch the world go by.

They get on well with other dogs, but on a recent occasion, a man was walking three greyhounds when they attacked one of my dogs.

She managed to scramble back through the hedge, after which I took her to the vet who stitched her up and put her on anti-biotics. She was left very traumatised by it all and became wary of sitting the other side of the hedge.

The man never apologised but did stop walking his dogs there for a while. However, in September the man had returned to walking his dogs again on the cricket pitch. They were running loose when one of the dogs pounced on another of my pets, followed by the other two. The man was screaming at his dogs but they just ragged him like he was a rabbit.

My son rescued him through the hedge: we took him straight to the vet - again - who operated to put his intestine back in place, as it went though his stomach wall. Unfortunately, he died.

I reported the man to the police, only to be told there was nothing they could do. Once again, the man in question did not apologise.

The owner should be prosecuted, as I was when my alsatian jumped my wall to see another dog – when its owner panicked he went to hit my dog and it nipped his elbow.

I was charged with being in possession of an out-of-control dog in a public place.

I was left with a dead dog and a £1,200 vet bill, not a nipped elbow. My dog was the friendliest little chap you could ever wish to own.

These dogs should have to be muzzled in public. Both of these attacks were totally unprovoked – the police MUST prosecute in such circumstances, otherwise the dogs and their owners will never learn, and a child will be the next victim.


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