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'My comments could have been more tactful', says Grantham councillor

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My father says, “son, once you’ve said something you can’t retract it”. How true that is, says District Councillor Ian Selby (Unaligned - Grantham Harrowby).

During the last full council meeting I made comments that in hindsight I could have made more tactfully. It was regarding the practice of working from home. Although I said the practice can lead to a culture of laziness, I certainly was not saying that everyone who works from home is lazy.

I would not deliberately offend anyone and I apologise for the implication of that comment. However, the origin of my comments comes from the fact that urgent issues are not being addressed for my constituents and I feel that the practice of working from home has been a contributing factor.

Ian Selby, district councillor for Grantham Harrowby ward. (57238507)
Ian Selby, district councillor for Grantham Harrowby ward. (57238507)

As a council it appears we are moving into a new era of working practices. There are benefits from working from home, such as the reduction of the carbon footprint and the savings it can bring from the awful fuel price hikes. For some people they can get more work done when not being disturbed. However, we can be disturbed just as easily at home as in the workplace.

On the downside the isolation from working from home is not always a good thing, especially from a mental health perspective. Many people enjoy the friendships of workmates in an office environment. Furthermore your household bills will go up. I also see communication and accessibility issues that urgently need to be looked at for the benefit of our constituents, who are our council’s customers and for me they will always come first.

Probably some people may abuse the practice of working from home, so we need to find the balance of what works well for our staff and our constituents.

It should be noted that the lady chairman, who did an
excellent job at the full council meeting, did not rule me out of order for any of my comments, she merely and in my view quite rightly said that I was entitled to my

Finally my mother says, “don’t worry son, today's news is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping paper”.

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