‘My Rupert annual could be worth a fortune!’

Arthur Roe with his Rupert annual.
Arthur Roe with his Rupert annual.
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A collector has snapped up an unusual Rupert annual in the hope it could be worth a small fortune.

When Arther Roe came across the annual at Hemswell Market and opened it up, he was surprised to see the pages were upside down. And knowing such a copy is rare, he hopes to find out it is worth a pretty penny.

Mr Roe, 72, of Colsterworth, said: “I had a friend with me and when I showed it to him, he said ‘oh my God’. There’s a 1973 annual with Bear in a tree with a white face instead of a brown one and that’s worth about £30,000. So who knows what this one is worth.”
Mr Roe, who collects stamps and antiques, believes the book was noticed by the manufacturer to be faulty, as a strip of an inside page which would have featured the price has been carefully cut out. He assumes it was accidentally released.

Mr Roe is keen to hear from anyone with knowledge of Rupert Bear merchandise. He can be contacted on 01476 861040.