My wife would never intend to upset anyone

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I must reply to letters published last week on behalf of my wife, who has just undergone a major operation and cannot do so herself.

To Jon Smyth, Sunningdale: you have missed the point my wife was making in that in her opinion it is more important for people to be thinking about our troops in Afghanistan than worrying about the Orrery.

This was not a ‘punchline’ and indeed not a ‘pathetic justification’ for the Orrery. In fact, she does not like it, but accepts that it was what the people who voted, wanted.

She has a right to mention the troops at this time of year, having served in the military at the same time as me.

She firmly believes we should all be thinking about our troops, not only during remembrance week.

Whenever I have held Civic Office, three times now, one of my charities has always been the ABF. She will be only too pleased to hear you have served in Afghanistan, and thanks to God you have returned home safely.

To Ian Thomas, Grantham: My wife is neither insulting, patronising or indeed adverse to anyone who does not agree with her, as I often do.

Nobody can be forced to vote, but the few people who did decide to cast their votes clearly preferred the Orrery.

£20k was given for the provision of public art. Had the council not used the money for what it was intended, it would have been obliged to return said monies to the developer.

There is no money in this year’s budget for the provision of seating. There has never been seating in the Market Place, however, I fully support the provision of such.

With regard to the Mid-Lent fair the 16 Grantham councillors who form the Charter Trustees, my wife being one of them, are obliged to be cognisant of the Royal Charters and uphold everything they stand for, one of those things being the holding of the fair.

Cllr Mike Taylor

Mayor of Grantham