Mystery ironwork found in Grantham’s Wyndham Park

Iron artifact found at Wyndham Park.
Iron artifact found at Wyndham Park.
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Readers are being asked to identify an intriguing piece of ironwork uncovered in Wyndham Park.

Elizabeth Bowskill, secretary of Wyndham Park Forum, said the metal piece (pictured right) was found during the roadworks on Belton Lane and the remodelling of the electricity substation at the corner of the park by the Sensory Garden.

Mrs Bowskill said: “Once the hedge was removed and the area cleared one of the Forum members who lives locally spotted a piece of ironwork in a corner and it appeared that the workmen were just going to throw it away. It was rescued and is being kept safe.

“It is obviously no use to anyone as a piece of equipment but I wanted people to be made aware in case anyone has any knowledge of what it might be.

“It might have nothing to do with the park, but the person who spotted it said it hadn’t just been dumped there.”

** Do you know what it is? If you think you do, email comment@grantham or call us on 01476 541439.