New book tells of Grantham rescue dog plight

Margaret Kirby
Margaret Kirby
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A retired dog lover from Grantham has become a published author for the first time to highlight the plight of rescue dogs.

Margaret Kirby, 84, wanted a way to share her dogs story after rescuing her German Shorthaired Pointer Gracie from a puppy farm four-years-ago.

Based in and around Grantham, ‘Gracie - the Story of a Rescue Dog, describes her life from the beginning when she born in a cage at a puppy farm in Northern Ireland until she was taken to a half-way house.

Margaret said: “They would only keep the dogs for seven days at the house before putting them down and Dogs Trust rescued Gracie on the seventh day, She was sold to us as approximately two-years-old but we now think that she is much older, perhaps even 11-years-old.”

Despite having no previous writing experience, retired nurse Margaret, who lives with husband Gordon on Hillside Drive, spent just a month writing the book, although she spent the next year trying to get it published.

Margaret said: “I haven’t really got much computer experience, so it took awhile to contact the publisher and type the story. Gracie didn’t help matters as she sat pawing me everytime I was trying to work, but I got there in the end with a bit of help from one of my neighbours.”

The story is based in Grantham and mentions the Hills and Hollows and Londonthorpe.

Margaret added: “I have also included stories from other rescue dogs. Unlike Gracies, their stories of cruelty are fictional but still true to life. I think it is important for people to know the kind of treatment that some rescue dogs are subject to.”

After going on sale last week, it is available from Waterstones and Amazon as well as some independent book shops.

With one book under her belt, Margaret has caught the writing bug and is already half way through her next one.