New book will help keep memories alive

Molly Burkett with a copy of her latest book.
Molly Burkett with a copy of her latest book.
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A BOOK featuring the life stories of some of the area’s most interesting people has been released by local author Molly Burkett.

Molly, of Hough-on-th-Hill, has released the third instalment of her series of books “Once Upon a Lifetime”.

Some of those featured include Norah Hardwick, of Ancaster who turned 106 this week and Bob Tindall who tells the story of witnessing the first ever motor car travelling along the Great North Road.

Molly said: “As a writer it is such a wonderful experience to meet so many fascinating people.

“Often I meet a lot of local people who would not get the chance to record their life stories without people like us to help them.”

The new book, “Once Upon a Lifetime III”, features a dozen stories told in the first person, whether they be fleeting moments or a journey through someone’s life.

The stories are illustrated with photographs from people’s own private collections.

The previous two books in the series have proved extremely popular, to the point where even Molly herself now struggles to get hold of them.

Molly said: “This is the third in the series and the first two went very quickly, becoming collectors items.

“I’ve even tried to buy some of my own books but decided I couldn’t afford them!”

Once Upon a Lifetime III is available from Fulbeck Craft Fair, Ancaster Post Office or by post by writing to Barney Books, Hough-on-the-Hill, NG32 2 BB.

The book is also available to purchase via the internet by logging on to