New Co-op food store proposed for Long Bennington

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Plans to build a new food convenience store in Long Bennington have been submitted to South Kesteven District Council.

The Lincolnshire Co-operative Society have applied for permission to build a store at 27 Main Road, Long Bennington, along with an access road to an accompanying car park and service yard.

There is currently a house, former petrol filling station and workshop at the 1,925 square metre site, all of which will be demolished if the plans are approved.

The application states: “The aim of the proposed convenience foodstore is to provide a facility aimed at satisfying the needs of the residents of Long Bennington.

“Retail guidance at all levels recognises the importance of providing local shops within easy walking distance of the local community. This is particularly important for the less mobile members of the public.”

The Lincolnshire Co-operative operates 72 food stores and over 100 other outlets in the county.