New law will rein in out-of-control dogs

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HAVING followed the recent discussion regarding vicious and dangerous dogs in your letters pages – and in Steve Cattell’s column – I am sure your readers will be interested to know that some new legislation is in the pipeline, and will be implemented shortly.

This will make it a criminal offence for owners to fail to control their dogs properly, whether it be in public or on their own land.

This applies to all dogs, not just the breeds previously listed in The Dangerous Dogs Act.

As Steve Cattell rightly says: It has long been a civil offence to have a dangerous animal, even on one’s own property, but it has not previously been easy to obtain a remedy.

The Times reported last week that “six postmen have had their fingers bitten off in the last eight months.” Clearly this is unacceptable, and dog owners would be well advised to heed the new laws.


Lecturer in Law