New parking limit will hurt disabled the most

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HERE is a photograph I took recently at Morrisons car park. It shows the new parking regulations now in place at that location.

I feel the wording is unclear, and one inference possible could discriminate against the infirm and disabled in possession of a Blue Badge.

Read carefully the wording on the photograph:

l Parking is limited to two hours

l Parking must be only within marked bays

l Blue Badge holders only in marked bays

l Any infringement will incur a fine of £80.

One could interpret the pinultimate point as meaning blue badge holders may only park in the marked bays and nowhere else. Is this the case?

How can a disabled person carry out a shopping trip within the same time-frame as an able-bodied person?

Even from where the marked bays are now located it can take 10-15 minutes for a disabled person on sticks or a frame to even get to the store entrance.

Then they have to get around the store, through the checkouts and back to their car – all within two hours. Difficult, if not impossible.

An additional point: the notice appears to be erected by a firm named “ParkingEye”, presumably under contract to Morrisons (who own the car park) and the icons on the notice board seem to indicate that control of the area is vested in cameras.

The cameras are, one assumes, on poles around the car park. Can either ParkingEye or Morrisons explain how a camera on a pole can properly police the use of disabled spaces?

I should like to know what our MP Nick Boles thinks of this latest scheme.


Gonerby Hill Foot