New school teaches dog owners training skills in Allington

Anna Green (left) and Karen Brady with Maisie the dog.
Anna Green (left) and Karen Brady with Maisie the dog.
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Dog owners will be able to seek expert advice and practical training skills, as part of a five-week dog school course.

Animal welfare charity, Dogs Trust, which specialises in the wellbeing of dogs, will be running a series of five-week courses in Allington, aimed at giving both owners and their dogs the foundations they need to develop a strong bond, cope with everyday domestic life and avoid some of the common pitfalls, which lead to behaviour problems.

Dog School East Midlands head coach, Karen Brady, joined Dogs Trust a year ago.

She said: “It is a difficult world for dogs to live in now. There are more dogs around and people have high expectations of them. The course will provide owners with the skills to help achieve a well balanced dog, so that they can be part of our daily lives.”

The classes will cover a range of skills including obeidence, recall skills, lead walking, settling and even how to handle veterinary situations. Each course has a maximum of six dogs, to enable each pooch to receive enough one-to-one attention and the same group of dogs will remain together throughout the duration of the course.

Four dogs attended the first class on Wednesday. Karen would like to expand further in the future.

She added: “If demand increases, we would ideally lke to run two courses concurrently and introduce some puppy classes too.”

The five-week course is held at 1.30pm every Wednesday in Allington Village Hall.

Anyone interested in signing up can call 01509 882316 or email