New Year’s message: Chairman of Grantham Carnival and Events Group Roy Wright

Roy Wright
Roy Wright
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Roy Wright writes:

With Aladdin in town, I thought a trip to see his genie might get me three wishes.

Seeing a reduction in conflicts around the world would be my first wish. Growing up through the Second World War I can remember the times when food was scarce, but what it’s like for kids to have nothing at all doesn’t bear thinking about.

Wish two would be to see vast improvements in the town’s infrastructure and well-being.

As a Granthamian I have watched it being gradually shredded, with little or no thought given to the way of life we are left with.

Perhaps if some councillors and the people they employ stopped behaving and bickering like children they may have time to look around and realise what they are allowing to happen.

The community is doing its bit, so come on officials and leaders, help us put some pride back in the town.

Finally, a personal wish. Grantham Carnival will celebrate 30 years in June and that surely should prove to some that we are here to stay. Or are we, because SKDC has decided to stop support for the carnival, St George’s Day and the Christmas event.

There must be some way of juggling the spending on their own events to free up cash for those putting on community events. We really are very good at it, you know.

Right Mr Genie, I’ve had my say, now do your bit.

A happy and prosperous 2015 to us all.